Animal Print

What I'm Wearing:
Brown cardigan c/o ApartStyle 
White v-neck tee from Primark
Khaki skinny leg pants from Primark
Tan suede boots from ASOS
Gold & taupe animal print scarf from Accessorize
Gold & faux pearl earrings from Accessorize
Gold Scorpio necklace from my dad
Vintage gold bracelet bought by my sister in Newport, Rhode Island
Black patent leather Appear watch c/o Phosphor

This scarf was my birthday gift from my sister, Erika!  It's soooo pretty and although it's my first time wearing it I can totally see how this would work with many of my future outfits!  It has elements of gold and taupe/cool brown so it would work well with a lot of colours.  

On the moving front, something absolutely AMAZING happened today.  We went to check out a "maybe" option in an area close enough to my mom but it ended up being too dark in a not-so-great neighbourhood.  (When we got out of the viewing, we walked out of the house only to witness a group of little boys throwing themselves onto and banging the windows of our car -- they were tormenting Albi & Sina who were waiting inside :/  Poor things were terrified and it was kind of the last straw and deciding factor for us!)  So, we decided to make an unexpected visit to my mom's house where Jonathan quickly checked out the lettings website to see if anything new had come up.  Literally EIGHT minutes prior one of our "dream houses" had popped up -- a modern, 4 bedroomed semi in our ideal location/area, and guess what?  It was within our budget!  This is the area that we eventually would like to buy in -- Jonathan called the letting agent straight away, and I think he was slightly taken aback with our promptness, lol!  We are going to see it on Thursday and I will be going there with my deposit in hand!

Please cross your fingers that we get this place, it would mean so much to both of us and it's really put everything into perspective...I truly believe that if we do end up here it was worth all the headache & problems we've been having with our last two places.  Everything happens for a reason, right?!

Albi & Sina right before going for their walkies :)

Stay Stylish!

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