Wind, Lipgloss & Hair!

Cardigan/Soaked in Luxury, T-shirt/Primark, Boots/ASOS, Pants/Cheap Monday, Watch/Phosphor


struggling to get the hair out of my lipgloss! ;)

Sina, having just devoured one yellow dog-treat, moving onto the rest of her chewable "Christmas pudding" - lol!

Some of my favourite things about today: going for a long off-the-lead walk with Albi & Sina, grabbing a sneaky lunch at my mom's house (falafels & cherry tomatoes in an English muffin are my new fun and random culinary invention...hahaha!), buying our groceries at Marks & Spencer's for the first time ever and feeling very posh about it!

Yesterday Jonathan attempted to cook for me, it was very sweet and kind of a disaster but I appreciated it so much -- anything to avoid cooking, sometimes I think I should just go raw but then I remember how much I love cooked that wouldn't work or last very long!!  We also made a new friend, a beautiful neighbouring Golden Retriever who calls to our house every so often to see how we're doing, haha!  He's so adorable and well-behaved, as he won't dare set foot in the house but instead quivers his big paw -- so cute!  I wish Albi & Sina would befriend some big dogs too, they are so much fun.  

To watch today's daily vlog (and meet our new canine friend!), click here and if you want to see my video on how I keep my hair looking shiny even when it's not, you can do so here!

Stay Stylish!

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