Happy New Year 2012!

Welcome 2012!  May this year be full of happiness for everyone and I truly hope that you all achieve your goals & dreams -- no matter how big or small they are!  We celebrated New Year's Eve at my mom's house where we ate tons of yummy food.  Above are shrimp wrapped in bacon (for the meat-eaters of course ;)  I believe Albi & Sina may or may not have sneaked two of those under the table...sometimes Mommy being vegetarian has its advantages!

The spread at my mom's house.  Finger-food courtesy of M&S and also my mom/sister home-made some items too...I don't know how they do it.

Veggie plate!  Onion bhaji (amazing) and mozzarella sticks...yum!

Vol-au-vents, my hubby's personal favourite.

Me being classy and elegant, as always...lol.

Well, now you can see why we're made for each other...hahaha!
After the festivities, we retired like the old grandparents that we are to our own house and rang in the New Year as a foursome (you can watch the vlog from this day here)!

Happy New Year 2012!  

I hope you all had a wonderful night.  If you'd like to see exactly what I wore on New Year's Eve you can watch my OOTD video here, and don't forget to check out today's vlog here

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