I'm Pregnant!

In case you hadn't already figured it out, hahaha :)  I think it was pretty obvious if you watch our daily vlogs or maybe even if you read this blog, this is the reason why I've been feeling so sick the last few days...morning sickness/nausea/cramping/fatigue are all some of the symptoms I've been experiencing these past few weeks -- oh, and not to mention the ever-growing sore boobies...lol.  Those were probably the first tell-tale sign, I actually legitimately BROKE one of my bras yesterday.  I swear I have gone up an entire cup size already...I need to go underwear shopping!

Also, this picture was taken two weeks ago when I was 6 weeks along.  I am now 8 weeks pregnant and will be doing bump updates each Thursday (since that's when I started taking them!) but right now it's pretty insignificant and looks more like bloat than bump!

To watch our special announcement video click here, and if you want to see my 8 week pregnancy vlog (the very first one!) you can watch it here!

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