Wonderfully Versatile

Jeans/Zara, Sweater/Benetton, Shirt & blazer/ASOS, Boots/London Rebel, Scarf/Soaked in Luxury, Bracelet/Dyrnberg Kern

I'm so happy to have rediscovered these acid-wash blue jeans, I had forgotten how much I love them!  I wore them to death in the spring/summer (even took them on my honeymoon with me!) and now here they are making an appearance in my winter wardrobe as well.  How wonderfully versatile!  I remember I bought them on a clearance rack about 2 years ago for €5!

How are everybody's New Year's Resolutions going?!  I loved hearing from all of you about what your goals were...I would love if you updated me on how they're all going (I know, I know...it's only January 3rd, lol!).  I found this amazing website with 7 cheap & easy vegetarian dinner recipes that I think will come in extremely handy to me!  I have also been walking about 30 minutes everyday this week, even though the weather has been crappy and I always have to make sure to do it AFTER I film or take outfit pictures because otherwise by the time I'm home and rained on my hair is a frizzy mess...hahaha!

Oh yeah, and I couldn't help but include this picture in today's post -- I think it's so funny...my expression clearly reads "oh crap, the jacketless pic...it's freaking FREEZING!!" hahaha.  Don't forget to check out today's vlog here and my much requested full make-up routine video here!

Stay Stylish!

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