Happy Valentine's Day!

So I know it's technically no longer Valentine's Day as it's 2am my time and the date now reads Feb. 15th but my day has not ended yet so I still consider it to be the 14th, ha ha ha!  So Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope you all had a wonderful day, no matter what you did or who you spent it with.  Jonathan's birthday is the day before so my expectations are generally pretty low this time of year being that it's really his time to get spoiled.  Yesterday I cooked him dinner, baked him a chocolate birthday cake and set up a treasure hunt for him around the house (yes, he is 32 but he's still just a kid at heart :) 

I did not expect anything this morning, so you can imagine my surprise when I found this beautiful bunch of a dozen roses waiting for me on my desk with a card...yay!  We had a relatively low-key Valentine's day which involved ordering pizza and watching ourselves on TV...ha ha ha!  That sounds so conceited, but it's not meant that way!  Earlier last week we filmed the Valentine's episode RTÉ 2's Juice in Dublin which aired today at 5:30pm.  If you don't live in Ireland or missed it and would like to watch, Jonathan recorded it for tomorrow's vlog.  Otherwise I'm sure it will become available on RTÉ Juice at some stage!

Stay Stylish!

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