Room Tour!

Yesterday I finally finished decorating my studio/make-up room/closet room...whatever you want to call it!  These pictures were actually taken a little prematurely because this was before I collected my make-up storage from my old bedroom in my mom's house (where it had been patiently waiting for me since the big move).  So I will probably update this post once we take some more pictures tomorrow when the light's good.  

But this is what it looks like for the most part!  You'll have to wait for my video (which is uploading this evening) for the entire "grand tour" but here's a sneak preview.  The mirror, lamp, rug and cupcake canvas were purchased from Argos.  The lantern tree is from Homefront and if there are various other items you have questions about please wait for the video because I think I mentioned where everything is from! 

Stay Stylish!

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