Ask Anna: Boyfriends!

Today I had a special guest join me for my Ask Anna video -- my husband Jonathan!  We answered a viewer's question about boyfriends, how we met and feeling nervous on the first date.  It was really fun to reminisce about back when we first met (which is FIVE years ago this year...crazy!!) and just to realise how far we've come since then!  Now we are married (twice, ha ha!) and have a baby on the seems so surreal!  

Here are some pictures from our "earlier days".  The first one was taken in June 2007 which was our first month together...aww!

December of that year -- Jonathan had just bought my family & me a kitten!

One year later, we had moved to the UK together for college!

So those are some "vintage" Anna and Jofus pics...ha ha ha!  Waaay before the daily vlogs, blogging, YouTube channels or anything like that :)  Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane!  If you want to watch the video, click here!

Stay Stylish!


  1. Haha! So funny to see pics of you guys from so long ago. Jofus looks so young! Thanks for sharing. Hope you guys have a good weekend!! Xox

  2. In that 2nd photo Jofus looks like Vincent Gallo!


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