Week 13 Bump Update!

How far along? 13 weeks 3 days
Total weight gain: About 6lbs total! (Forgot to take measurements this week...sorry!)
Maternity clothes? Yes, as I mentioned in previous posts I purchased 2 bump bands from Mothercare in white & black and so far I am loving them!
Stretch marks? Nope!
Sleep: My dreams are getting more and more insane...it's literally like there's a new movie showing in my sleep every night, my hubby actually looks forward to my early morning accounts and finds them very entertaining!  
Best moment this week: Getting (legally) married...yeah I know it has nothing to do with baby stuff but it was too important not to mention! :)
Miss anything? Not really.
Movement: Yes!  I felt the baby move the night I wrote my last bump update actually!  It was so bizarre...like a little creepy crawly running up and down my belly.  I freaked out thinking it was a spider but then realised it wasn't...ha ha ha!  I was in bed asleep at the time and right before it happened something woke me up...I think it was Pancoga wanting to say hi to his/her mommy :)
Food cravings: Oh my God...so on Monday Jonathan and I were watching Celebrity Apprentice, which by the way gets worse every time, I don't know why we watch such crap but for some reason we do.  Anyway, one of the tasks was to make and sell sandwiches...well this was after we had eaten dinner and I had devoured about a half a pack of Oreos so you would think I was pretty full but I instantly started craving a sandwich.  And not just any sandwich, a big, fully-loaded, packed with veggies, mayo and cheese SANDWICH!  It was crazy!!  I didn't satisfy the craving right then because I convinced myself I was just making this up...but it continued on for the next 24 hours until finally at about 10pm Tuesday night we ventured out to the petrol station and while Jonathan got himself chocolate I picked up a big fat juicy Ploughman's cheese sandwich -- I tell ya it was the most amazing sandwich I've ever eaten...lol! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Shrimp/prawns.
Gender: I think boy, but we don't know for sure yet!
Labor signs: No.
Symptoms: Some round ligament pain, boobs are still sore, acne around my cheeks and jawline (weird), some dry/flaky patches on my forehead but not as much as before, crazy dreams.
Belly button in or out? In!
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy, happy, happy!
Looking forward to: Decorating the rest of the house :) 

Stay Stylish!

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