Week 16 Bump Update!

How far along? 16 weeks
Total weight gain: I'm still weighing in at 123lbs which is up 6lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight.  Same as last week but according to this, I'm still on track!  I've been eating quite healthy with little treats here and there, snacking every 3 hours or so as well as walking for 30 minutes 3-5 times a week.  I'm happy to gain weight slowly and steadily as I've read that's the best way so I'll continue what I'm doing!  I also took measurements again because a few of you asked me to and I realised you're right, it's fun to track them too!  This week my waist is 27" and tummy is 33 1/2".  Last time I took measurements was at 12 weeks, when I measured 1 inch smaller at the waist and 2 1/2" smaller at the tummy -- wow!  That belly is growing! :) 
Maternity clothes? Nothing yet, though I did go back to TK Maxx and purchase two more Marilyn Monroe boy-short undies...they are sooo comfy and stretchy!  (And pretty affordable too).  I got one in hot pink and the other in grey.  Also got a bra from the same line (even though I'm growing...eek) but it fits really nicely.
Stretch marks? Nope, my Bio-oil ran out so while in Tesco last night I purchased some Palmer's Cocoa Butter.  Will continue to use that till it runs out again, then maybe get some Bio-oil next time I'm at the pharmacy!
Sleep: Although I am still sleeping through the night, it's become so crampy to lie on my side :( I really don't like it!  So I end up on my tummy, which squishes the hell out of my sore boobies, lol!  That's not very fun, but when I lie on my side I get terrible cramping all down my leg & hip! I think I need one of those maternity pillows...
Best moment this week: Finding out my baby is preggers too!!!  Ha ha ha, not Pancoga -- Sina! :)  She is a lot farther along than me though, and showing too!  She is due in about 2 weeks.  We're so excited!  I love puppies and I'm so curious to go through the whelping process with her, maybe it will prepare me for my own labour...ha ha ha!
Miss anything? Not much, I am honestly enjoying pregnancy a lot so far...I'm surprised by how nice it's been!  Sure, the first trimester was pretty rotten but nothing compares to knowing you're growing a little person in there...it's kind of magical :)  I seem to have gotten my skin SOMEWHAT under control.  I think the key is using fewer products.
Movement: Nope :(  Reeeally wishing I would feel something again soon!  
Food cravings: I have to say, no crazy cravings this week at all!  I'm really enjoying apples & yoghurt for snacks throughout the day, I eat porridge with almond milk, blueberries, banana & cinnamon for breakfast every morning, usually some kind of sandwich for lunch (tuna is my fave but I try to limit that to twice a week), and I will generally cook veggie stir-fry with brown rice/spaghetti bolognese (veg)/baked salmon with brown rice, or fajitas with whole-wheat wraps for dinner.  If we get something unhealthy like frozen pizza I try and get either Dr. Oetker or Pizza Express (they're thin-base and lower in fat) and then put lots of veggies on top!    
Anything making you queasy or sick: Shrimp!
Gender: I still think boy but we really have no clue!  We will find out in two weeks :)  I've read and seen that you can find out earlier (like now!) but I'm too afraid that it'll be wrong or we'll waste our money because the baby won't be in the right position, etc. etc. so I will be patient and wait!  I'm also curious as to what Sina is having...and how many!!  
Labor signs: No.
Symptoms: Sore/tender/growing boobies (my hubby calls them Amazonian boobs...lol, don't ask!!) Still some acne/breakouts around cheek/jaw area.  Dry/flaky skin (this drives me insane!  It's the worst around my mouth/chin...argh!).  Here's a really weird symptom...claustraphobia. I began noticing this a few weeks ago and it's gotten worse.  Has anyone else experienced this?!  It seems bizarre to me, I've never suffered from claustrophobia before AT ALL!  But since being pregnant I get huge anxiety when I see small spaces, or think about them too much...lol!  Example: when we were car-shopping Jonathan looked at this really ridiculous sports car which I hated.  He told me to get in and I freaked out...I couldn't do it!  It was too small!!  And then I looked into the back seats (which were pretty non-existent) and I honestly almost had a panic attack right there in the car dealership.  Ha ha ha!  All because I looked at the back of a sports car?!  And then we were watching 24 and Jack Bauer was going through an air vent and I had to look away from the screen, I thought I was about to suffocate!  So weird...please let me know if this has ever happened to any of you?!  
Belly button in or out? In!  I did experience super itchy belly-button about a week ago and forgot to mention it, but now it's gone.  Moisturising everyday helps, I think!
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy, happy, happy but I still need to eat every 3 hours, like clockwork!
Looking forward to: Tomorrow I am meeting my best friend (she lives in Holland), who is also pregnant and 10 weeks farther along than me!  I have not seen her at all since either of us got pregnant and I'm so excited to see her & especially since we are going through this together!  I'm also very curious to see her bump because I am going to be where she's at now when we go to Italy!  

Stay Stylish!

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  1. Hey anna! Congrats on the little one to be! For your skin try lavender oil I find this has really helped calm and control my pregnancy breakouts and then to moisturise I used the plainest simpler of creams it's call oilatum (the one in the tube). It is super moisturising and has no nasty additives which is good! You will get it in a good pharmacy and it will cost about 4euro! For sleeping I find using a plain feather pillow and kind of putting one leg over the pillow really helps as it is supportive and super comfy! I do on occasion swap the pillow for my fiancé :) lol! I haven't had the claustrophobia but it sounds a bit like your being protective, like a protective streak kicking in which is sweet! I have recently had like an OCD on hygiene, was channel hoping the other day and "how clean is your home" was on and omg! Yuck! Had to change the channel ASAP! Lol! Also for bio oil O'Learys pharmacy on Patrick St in Cork has an offer where the big bottle is half price so stock up :)!


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