My Week in Pictures #3

27 April 2012

Saturday -- Lunch at Market Lane after the Pregnancy & Baby Fair!  I had the lemon sole goujon salad...delicious :)

One of the puppies joined me in bed for a little adorable <3 

My purchase from the Pregnancy & Baby Fair -- a Pink Lining Yummy Mummy changing bag...I am in love!

Wednesday -- the puppies turn 3 weeks old.  They are starting to walk & become much more alert now!

Thursday -- lunch at Star Anise, I got the artichoke salad with poached was so amazing!

I don't have a lot of pictures to share this week, as it was quite a sad one for us.  We lost one of the puppies (Minnie) on Tuesday morning and it was absolutely devastating for all of us :(  We think that she stopped growing/developing at some stage last week because that was when we first noticed she was quite small compared to her other siblings.  It was only in the last day or two that it became obvious that there was something really wrong with her.  She was constantly crying, she wouldn't feed and her tummy was a purplish/blue colour rather than the usual pink.  We stayed up all night with her before she died trying to do everything we possibly could to feed her but she just wouldn't :(  Our vet did warn us that we probably would lose a puppy especially since five is such a big litter for a toy breed like Sina but we honestly thought we were out of the woods at almost 3 weeks.

Unfortunately after holding her and cuddling/trying to feed Minnie all night the next morning when I checked she was gone :(  Apparently this sort of thing is inevitable with puppies & kittens alike and had we taken her to the vet that night she would have been put down.  So I'm glad she passed away in her cosy bed surrounded by her brother & sisters.  We buried her in my parents' garden and planted a small pink rhododendron on her grave.  We will never forget little Minnie. <3 

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  1. Why didn't you take her to the vet the couple of days before? Couldn't they have done anything then?


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