Sorrento Day 5!

Breakfast on the solarium :)

Jofus is amazed by all the plants, ha ha ha! 

Jofus & Emma in the garden at my mom's apartment!

Love this pic :)

Jofus & Erika 

My sister Emma & the bump! ;)

We're stripey shorts twins...ha ha ha! 

Maxi dress/French Connection, Cuff/Jewelmint, Sandals/New Look, Clutch/ASOS, Earrings/Talullah Tu

Jofus' outfit of the evening -- he got the shirt here :)

Today was our last day in! :(  But we are really excited and happy to be going to my cousin's wedding in Naples and my uncle & aunt have kindly booked us into a beautiful B&B which we can't wait to see tomorrow!  We started out our morning by visiting the tiny roof garden at my mom's's so cute!  Jofus was amazed by all the veggies & fruit growing -- his zucchini plants can't really compete, ha ha ha!

My mom and sisters left for Naples this morning so we skipped the beach as Jofus said he'd be bored without Erika to go swimming with, humph!!  He thinks I'm boring as all I want to do is sunbathe!  But to make up for it we went shopping instead :)  We ate lunch at the same as yesterday which is actually called INN Bufalito, not "il".  Jofus got the treccine and I got a capri salad.  We also got some takeaway fruit salad cups from the juice stall next door to our hotel -- they are only €4 and you get a TON of different fruits!  

We didn't get a crazy amount while shopping because it was so hot and we were moving pretty slow, like two sweaty slugs ha ha ha!  But Jofus got two cotton shirts and two pairs of shoes and we bought Emilia a ballerina doll :)  She's so cute!  For dinner tonight we went back to the Parrucchiano place with the magical garden and both ordered the exact same thing as last time since we loved it so much!  I did get lemon profiteroles for dessert instead of ice-cream and I'm sooo happy I did because they were amazing!  I'm not usually a profiterole fan only because of the chocolate, but these ones are white so I was in heaven!

Stay Stylish!

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  1. Lovely photos! Great to see your sisters, you all look beautiful and love the photo of Jofus all serious too :)


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