Sorrento Haul | Baby Buys!

As promised, here are all the items I got on holiday in Sorrento, including lots of presents & baby buys for Emilia! :)  The first thing I bought was this little mini Barbie or "Evi" as she's called here!  I couldn't resist this as she's walking four perfect is that?!  Granted they're not all Maltese, but I still think this would look very cute on Emilia's dresser even if she can't play with it till she's a little older :)  The set was €7 and I bought it at a toy shop stall in one of the main side streets.

I also bought Emilia this adorable white & navy blue polka dot dress aged 9 months for my sister-in-law's wedding which is in May.  She will be about 8 months then.  Jofus & I picked this out together as we both love the sailor look, it's just so cute!  I will probably add more items to make the whole outfit like shoes, hat, cardigan, etc. but I think I'll wait till after she's born.  I purchased this in Coin and I think it was about €34.99.

One of our favourite things we bought Emilia were these handmade wooden letters from the Pinocchio store.  They have little animals on them and you can get them with wooden blocks at the back so that they stand up on a dresser or bookcase in her nursery!  I love that the "A" has a doggy on it :)  We got the medium size letters and I think they were €3 each.

On our last day we got this sweet little handmade ballerina doll -- they came in white, blue and pink...of course I got the pink one :)  I honestly can't remember how much she was...but I don't think we paid more than €15.  My dad once brought back one of these for my youngest sister when he was visiting Italy so I thought it would be nice to carry on the tradition!

Onto what I bought for myself (which isn't a lot, because shopping for Emilia was much more exciting :)  This is the black lace camisole that I got from a little boutique near our hotel for only €10 instead of €15 because the owner of the shop was so sweet.  It's very pretty and light-weight but it definitely needs to be worn with something under as Jofus pointed out it looks like a sexy night-dress or lingerie without...ha ha ha!

I hadn't planned on buying any makeup while in Sorrento but when I saw a sign for Zoya polishes in a pharmacy window one night I got excited!  I had heard so many great things about the brand from other YouTube gurus plus I really hated the polish I was wearing early on in our trip (NYC's Central Park).  I finally found a big Zoya stand in a really fancy profumeria and I got Barbie (paler pink) and Ali (a super bright hot pink).  Both are so gorgeous and I ended up wearing Barbie to my cousin's wedding to match my dress!  I applied it on Friday night (3 coats plus a top coat of course) and it's still going strong, no chipping or anything...yay!  These are pretty pricey, I paid €14.50 for each.

Technically not a haul item as I didn't buy this myself (it was a gift from my aunt & uncle) but I just wanted to show you guys because it's so pretty!  It's a little two-piece set from a brand called Pimpapu...the material is a soft baby pink velour and I absolutely love the little footsies :)

Hope you enjoyed my mini haul...let me know what your favourite item is! 

Stay Stylish!

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  1. The ballerina doll is CUTE! I love it :)
    All the things are so pretty and stylish. Especially dress :)


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