Living Room Decor Update!

Here's a little update on my living room decor situation!  For the longest time I wanted to get something for our accent wall but was faced with the problem that the nail which was already on that wall was placed extremely high up.  A lot of the nails/mirrors etc. in our house actually are this way...I don't know is it because the landlady is tall or what but it's so annoying!  Jofus and I aren't tiny people but we're 5'4" and 5'5" so we have to stand on our tippy-toes to be able to properly see ourselves in the ensuite mirror...ha ha ha!  It's ridiculous!  Anyway I searched all around for something long to put on our accent wall but never felt happy enough with what was out there.  Then my mom bought us this really cute hedgehog picture and after lots of deliberating I finally just went ahead and hung it up.  It's definitely higher than I would like it to be but for now, it'll do just fine :)  

Here's a close-up view.  Oh, and just ignore the stroller in the first picture -- we have nowhere else to put it for now!  

Today we got a new cushion for our couch and I absolutely love it!  When we originally moved in December I had a Christmas cushion in a similar size/shape in this one's place which Jofus loved to rest his feet on, on top of the coffee table when he was watching TV.  He was so disappointed when I tidied that one away, so now he has a permanent one...yay! 

The cushion is by Meadows & Byrne.  I love the birds and the green colours in it match the hedgehog picture really well!  I still have another picture I'd like to frame and put on the big white wall opposite the window so this room is by no means fully decorated yet but it's getting there!  Maybe by the time our lease is up I'll have it finished...ha ha ha! ;)

Stay Stylish!

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