Lovely Gifts & Cork Meetup!

Yesterday was our Cork Meet-up and it was an amazing day.  We were so overwhelmed by how many people came and all of your kindness & generosity -- you guys really are "awesome mom" as Jofus would say! ;)  We did not anticipate that many people to show up and thank you so much to everyone who did.  I truly hope that I was able to talk to & hug all of you...if I didn't please know that I am sending you a virtual hug right now and I really appreciate you coming!  Also thank you to Nosh+Coffee for allowing us to use their entire upstairs to host the meet-up, it's so nice when a local business like that gets involved in something so positive!  Jofus & I always remember Nosh+Coffee as it's the place where we went for coffee & cake after buying our wedding rings last year...aww :) 

We really did not expect any of you guys to bring us gifts or presents but we SO appreciate every single one of them!  Emilia is definitely set for the next 12 months in terms of clothes, toys & accessories, ha ha ha! :)  

We were also super impressed with how amazing & creative you all many of you baked things and handmade presents, we are so lucky to have such talented viewers!  We arrived home exhausted and read every single card, letter and note.  Even the dogs & puppies all got presents, I couldn't get a picture of them as they are already strewn all over the garden but here are the pups saying thank you! :)

Our absolute favourite part of the meet-up though was just seeing you all in person and hugging & talking to you guys...hearing you all say that you love to watch the vlogs and that they make you happy or brighten your day in someway, that to us was the best gift of all!  If you'd like to see the video of the meet-up you can watch it here and if you want to see pictures you can view them here.  Love you guys! <3 

Stay Stylish!

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