My Week in Pictures #10!

Actually these are from the last two weeks because I didn't Instagram too much when I was sick so I just put these altogether in one post!  Follow me on Instagram here!

Last Thursday - Pineapple & Natural Yoghurt Snack
This is the snack I've been loving lately...any kind of fresh fruit with natural probiotic yoghurt on top, yummy & healthy! 

Last Friday - Mouldy Strawberries :(
I was so annoyed when I got home from Tesco to find that the majority of my strawberries were mouldy!  Tesco's fruit & veg section is crap.

Wednesday - Barbie Nails!
I painted my nails in Barbie by Zoya, still going strong!  I love this polish!

Thursday - Lunch from the Market!
This is my favourite lunch to get when we're at the farmers' market.  It's from the Greek stall and they serve two kinds of pita options, one with meat and a veggie (this one) with hummus, chili, yoghurt, lettuce & tomato.  Delicious!  

Friday - Baby Bump!
I snapped this yesterday while waiting at the doctor's office...sooooo bored!  Ha ha ha :)  Our doctor is always delayed/late so there's a lot of staring down at my feet/snapping random Instagram shots of my belly.  Lol.

I hope you all had a great week and are having a wonderful weekend!  Today's our Cork Meet-up so I'm super excited for that :)  Hopefully we'll get a few pics that I can share on here!

Stay Stylish!

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