My Week in Pictures #11

Once again, these are technically from the last two weeks because I didn't do a week in pictures post last week!  Also just a little tip...don't read this post if you're hungry, there's a lot of food, ha ha! ;)

Delicious cupcakes baked by a lovely viewer from the Cork Meet-up!  These were amazing, I ate two that night :)

Early morning coffee in my new cupcake mug from another lovely viewer who came to the Cork Meet-up!  This is so cute and even comes with a little lid!

Last Friday Sina finally got her hair cut!  She is soooo adorable in her little pink bow. (Which is now shredded, dirty and full of bite-marks!  Albi's blue bow on the other hand, is perfect.)

In the car with Sina :)  I love my pup!

Last night's dinner at Wagamama's!  I got the Yasai Yaki Soba, my all-time fave!

And here's my dessert!  I shared the white chocolate cheesecake with my mom :)  So yummy!

Hope you guys all had a great week!  You can follow me on Instagram here.  Feel free to link your Week in Pictures posts below. 

Stay Stylish!

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