What I Ate Wednesday!

You guys requested more of these, so I will try to post them as regularly as I can!  Here's what I ate today!

Breakfast (9:30am)
Porridge with almond milk, strawberries, 1/2 banana and cinnamon
We didn't have any blueberries so I had strawberries this morning instead which was actually a nice change!  I also took my prenatal & iron supplement along with 2 glasses of water.  I always try to start the day with 2 glasses!  Gotta get in those 2 litres!!

Snack (3pm)
Peach & a slice of Leerdammer cheese
We were super busy this morning so I didn't end up eating anything till later in the afternoon but while we were in my mom's house I grabbed a quick snack as I was starving!  

Lunch (4pm)
We went to Subway!  I got the 6" tuna sub on wheat bread with red onion, tomatoes, cucumber & lettuce.  (I pretty much always get the same thing!)

Dinner (8pm)
My sister Emma cooked homemade pasta...it is amazing and one of the only pasta dishes Jofus actually likes!  So good :)

Dessert (9pm)
3 scoops vanilla ice-cream & a shortbread cookie
I was actually so annoyed because I totally forgot to take a picture of my dessert!! :(  Sorry!  So I just ended up snapping the tub of ice-cream & tin of cookies instead, ha ha... The shortbread is homemade again by my talented sister Emma and it is soooo addictive!! I could literally eat 20 of these, yum!

2 litres of water

That's it!  What did you eat today? :)

Stay Stylish!


  1. Great videos and posts. Please try to eat every 2 hours small snack but you need the glucosis level to be always up for Emilia :-) i am also expecting a girl: Lisa 27 weeks :-)

  2. Love these posts Anna please keep them coming. I have been eating bananas with cinnamon in my oatmeal a few times a week & I really love it. I also stopped putting brown sugar in it & I already use almond milk. Thanks for the healthy idea :). My girlfriend made me whole wheat spaghetti with a homemade spinach, basil, & cream cheese sauce she made in my blender (so awesome). I made a healthy zucchini, yellow squash, tomato & potato casserole topped with goat cheese (there was fresh sautéed garlic & onion in the bottom of the baking dish) & it was amazing! Best meal I've had in weeks & we had so much fun cooking together. The casserole recipe can be found on Pinterest just search for "summer vegetable tian" if you're interested. I'm really inexperienced in the kitchen & it was so easy.


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