What I Ate Wednesday!

Lots of meals in bowls today, ha ha ha! :)  Here are my daily eats: 

Breakfast (10am)
Same as always...porridge with almond milk, 1/2 banana, blueberries, cinnamon, black coffee and two glasses of water!

Lunch (2pm)
Jofus made lunch today!  I know it looks small but it was actually surprisingly filling!  He made tomato & basil soup with maccheroni pasta and grated some parmesan cheese on top.  Yum!

Snack (4pm)
Nectarine with some natural yoghurt.  One of my favourites at the moment...fresh peaches or nectarines are the best!

Dinner (7pm)
I made one of my favourite dishes tonight, chickpea ketchup curry!  It's from the River Cottage Veg Everyday cookbook and is super easy to make.  Honestly, you just need about three ingredients plus a couple of herbs/spices.  And it only takes about 15 minutes to prepare from scratch!  We had it with basmati rice but you can have it with naan bread or whatever else you like!

Dessert (8pm)
A big bowl of fruit loops with almond milk!  Ha ha ha...not very nutritious or healthy but what can I say, I love my naughty cereals for dessert ;)  We found fruit loops at Tesco yesterday and just had to buy them!  I had never seen the for sale in Ireland before...bonus!

2L water and cup of black coffee with my breakfast.  

What did you eat today?

Stay Stylish!


  1. A yummy breakfast but i think id get bored of the same thing everyday. what would you have if ypu were changing it up?

  2. Your chickpea curry looks better than the actual recipe's image!

  3. Hey Anna I'm so glad you have done more of these "What I Ate Wednesday" posts & now videos. I like that you listed the times you ate as well & what & when you drank (like water before & during breakfast). I just think that it is really motivational for someone like me who is trying to conceive & also be healthier. I would love to see this become a regular post & video. I'm glad you did both because when I'm working I can't watch videos but I can read your blog. Thanks for everything as always & I have been so happy you have been posting so many videos on The Style Diet channel :).

  4. Anna you are sooo beautiful and deserve every single bit of praise that you get! I honestly think you have inspired me to do so many great things, and now that your having you own child she will get to have one of the greatest parents ever! Please continue to do what you are doing as I know you inspire so many others as well. I wish you all the best for whatever life may throw at you. I will always continue to be on the style diet, a inspired teenager.


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