Week 39 Bump Update!

Ooh, we never take them this way! ;)  

Watch my 39 Week Pregnancy Vlog here

How far along?  39 weeks!  I reeeally would love it if Emilia made an appearance this week because my sister is leaving for college in Germany before her due date so she won't be here if she's on time or late :(  But I understand if she's not ready to come out and I don't mind so long as she's healthy -- it'd just be nice for my sister to see her before she goes!

Total weight gain/measurements: 24lbs!  Lost 2lbs this week.  I know what you guys are thinking..."that means you're going into labour!!!!" but I don't know, I think I just fluctuate naturally!  I asked my mom about it and she said that she had heard of that too (the fact that a lot of women lose weight right before going into labour) but she wasn't sure.  I guess we'll wait and see but there's been no progression yet!  Still need to take measurements this week.

Maternity clothes: No new ones but I've been living in maternity tees, leggings, sweats and maternity jeans.   Anything that's comfortable really!  The dress I'm wearing in these pictures is the one from Benetton my mom got me.  I absolutely love it!  Will probably feature it in this Friday's OOTD post as you can't really appreciate it here.

Stretch marks: Yeah...same as last week!  Just those few around my belly-button!  As Jofus would call them, "little feckers!"  Ha ha ha :)  For the record I am still using Palmer's Cocoa Butter.  I honestly still love it and think it was key in preventing more stretch marks than this!

Sleep: I really can't complain.

Best moment this week: The puppies had their first proper day at the groomer's!  We dropped all 6 dogs off at our local groomer's Paws for Thought and Albi & Sina got a wash, blowdry & brush-out, the puppies got a brush-out and cut around their eyes.  And they all got BOWS!!!!  They looked so adorable when they came out :)  We couldn't get a picture of the 6 of them altogether unfortunately, but they did look so cute.  Emilia is so lucky to have 6 fluffy brothers & sisters!  (Seriously, I would have done ANYTHING to have that as a kid...I was never allowed to have a dog!)

Miss anything? Not really!

Movement: Her movements are still sometimes pretty crazy but she has slowed down a bit.  I got a little worried yesterday when I realised her movements had decreased slightly but I read that that's normal at 38/39 weeks because there's not a lot of room in there for her to move anymore.  I am seeing our OB tomorrow for another routine ultrasound so I will let him know that but I'm pretty sure it's fine.  I'm still counting at LEAST 10 movements a day so I'm not worried.  

Food cravings: Got a strange craving for scones all of a sudden when we were in Tesco one day!   Bought a pack of 8, ate one and then was totally over it.  Now I have way too many scones in my fridge and absolutely no will to eat them...ha ha ha! 

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope.

Gender:  Girl!

Labour signs: Ugh...not really :(  I feel like I've taken a step backwards sometimes!  I really didn't get many Braxton Hicks contractions this week compared to the last.  I bet she's going to be late!!

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks (not a lot)
Lightening crotch (again, not a lot)
Lots of pressure
Low appetite/feels like my tummy is squished and I have to force myself to eat
Out of breath all the time!
Uncomfortable at night (but not enough to complain about!)
Stretch marks!!!

Belly button in or out? Same as always...half in/half out!  Last night I thought it popped but this morning it's back to being a little weirdo again...ha ha ha :)

Wedding rings on or off? On.  

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy!

Looking forward to: Meeting Emilia...come on already!!! I can't wait to dress you in all your cute little outfits! ;)  Oh, and getting our changing table.  I think it comes in this week...so maybe it's better that she's late then, hmm... ;)

Only 1 week left!! :)

Stay Stylish!


  1. Your bump is adorable! I know Emilia will Pick the perfect moment to make her entrance! Xxx

  2. Cannot wait for Emilia to arrive! Aw she's going to look so adorable & cute! Haha:-) so excited now:-) love you guys!!!!<3

  3. I've loved following your journey and hope to keep a diary like this when/if I ever get pregnant - keep your fingers crossed for me :-) wishing you both all the very best for your future. Take care love Donna xxx

  4. So excited to get to see Emilia!! I hope she comes before your sis leaves! I've my fingers and toes crossed 4 ye!! Looking stunning as always! I have bad stretch marks across my stomach (have never had any children :( )! So I'm hoping my BioOil challenge works out :) x

  5. Hello from the U.S.! I'm pregnant with a boy and due on September 17th!! Getting so excited!! I've been following your progress throughout your pregnancy, and it's been so much fun comparing week-to-week!! Just wanted to post and tell you good luck with your labor...I don't know about you but getting so nervous!! I'm definitely ready though :) here's wishing you a fast and easy delivery!!!

  6. You should try castor oil...heard it might help with labor to start :)

  7. Drink raspberry leaf tea. Get it from health food stores. You can only have it after 36 weeks as it can bring on labour. It softens your cervix to help with delivery. I swear it brought my daughter 6 days early!

  8. mother of seven,leave baby alone,she'll come when the times right, best of luck to you in your labour, my advice is, when in labour, wait for the next pain, it's one more pain you don't have to do, and one. closer to seeing your baby.

  9. You're so pretty and I'm sure you're baby girl will be too! Your baby bump is perfect! Congratulations on your little one. Take care :)


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