What I Ate Wednesday!

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Porridge with soy milk (it was in the fridge and had to be used up...normally it's almond milk but I actually really liked this for a change!), 1/2 banana, blueberries and cinnamon.  For some reason a ton of people have been asking me the burning question: "what do you do with the other 1/2 of the banana?!?!"  Ha ha ha!  The answer is pretty simple, Jofus eats it in his fruit salad I make for him every morning ;)

My go-to lunch when I'm at home.  A Caprese sandwich with wholegrain pita bread (we buy the Food Doctor brand), mozzarella, tomatoes, olive oil, salt and fresh basil from our plant that Jofus grew :)  This tastes so much better on a hot day but you know...a girl can dream!

A bowl full of red grapes with natural yoghurt on top...yum!  I've been eating a lot of nectarines lately but sometimes I crave the crunchiness of these grapes!

Dinner was a little bit of an experiment...well, some of it anyway.  I made grilled salmon with sweet chilli sauce, new potatoes and usually do a cucumber salad which Jofus hates. So he really wanted to make corn on the cob which we'd never done before instead.  I don't know how well corn on the cob goes with salmon...to be honest the combination was a bit strange but it all tasted good so who's complaining?  Jofus used Nando's peri-peri seasoning rub on the corn (that was the motivation for making it I think...ha ha ha!).

Sorry I didn't take a picture, but I scoffed a couple of fig rolls while watching TV later that night and was too lazy to whip out the camera!  I've been craving fig rolls ever since watching Martha's pregnancy vlog, it's kind of ridiculous!  But they are so good! :)

I drank 2L of water.  Boom!  Somedays it's hard but I'm getting so much better at it ever since my midwife drilled it into me just how important water is in pregnancy!

Hope you guys enjoyed today's eats!  What did you eat today?

Stay Stylish!


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  3. Your portion size of your dinner was ridiculously small! :o


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