Grocery Haul!

Watch my Grocery Haul video here! :)

Want to see what food items I bought this week?!  Here is my first ever GROCERY HAUL!! I decided to do something different from What I Ate Wednesday and instead show you what a regular weekly shop is like for me (well, us...all this stuff is not just for one person ha ha ha!).  Obviously this varies from week to week depending on what we already have in the fridge/food cabinets so bear that in mind! 

I went to two different food shops this week -- Tesco (where we do most of our food shopping) and The Boot's Specialities, an Italian wholesale & retail shop in Cork.  Here's what I got from there: 

Pronto con Gusto Tuna & Peas (x4 cans - Jofus loves these for his lunch!)
Mulino Bianco Galletti (Italian biscuits...yum :)
De Cecco Calamarata pasta (to put with the tuna & peas as my mom did last night!)
Mulino Bianco Camille (little breakfast "cakes" made from carrot, almonds & oranges)
De Cecco Spinach Penne Rigate 
De Cecco Arrabbiata Sauce
Santa Rosa Peach Jam

And here's what we got from Tesco! 

Bananas (eat these every morning for breakfast!)
Blueberries (ditto for me!)
Strawberries (two packs)
Red Grapes

Meli Melo Tomatoes (these are so cute...I love the different colours!)
Red Peppers (x3)
Watercress Spinach & Rocket Salad

Alpro Soya Light Soy Milk (had to get the UHT version as they didn't have the regular ;( )
Glenilen Farm Natural Probiotic Yoghurt - Unsweetened
Grated Mozzarella
Regular Mozzarella (x2 balls)
Light Garlic & Herbs Philadelphia (this is for a recipe I'm making)
Ardsallagh Soft Goat's Cheese 

Irish Free Range Chicken Breast Fillets (x6)
Ground Turkey 
Salmon Fillets from The Saucy Fish Co. with Chilli Lime & Ginger Dressing
Canned Tuna (x2 packs of 3)
Linda McCartney Italian Vegetarian Sausages (Jofus loves these!!)

The Food Doctor Multiseed & Cereal Pitta Bread
Plain Tortillas (for fajitas & wraps!)
Alpen Light Apple & Sultana Bars
Kelkin Lo-Pop Micro Popcorn

Uncle Ben's Sweet & Sour Extra Pineapple (not the healthiest thing in the world but it's our favourite cooking sauce!!)
Sacla Sun-Dried Tomatoes (to put with the goat's cheese ;)

And that's everything we got!  Oh, we also got some KitKats but I don't eat them so I didn't include them in this haul...that's part of Jofus' chocolate stash!!  Ha ha ha!  I hope you liked this post!  I know it was something a little bit different but I find these interesting when other bloggers do them so hopefully you will too! 

Oh, and Nivea wanted to stop by and say "hi" ;)

Stay Stylish!


  1. Aww, I love your dogs name xx

  2. Very cool post! I loved it :) everything looks so good and healthy hehe

    Have an awesome day!


  3. I keep checking back to see if you have had Emilia!


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