My Week in Pictures #14

It's been a while since I've done a Week in Pictures post so I apologise for that!  But in the meantime, I did get a new phone so the camera quality has improved considerably!  This also means that I have been snapping Instagram pics like brace yourself for some picture heavy posts!  Here's what I got up to this week :)

Nesting anyone?!  I decided to re-organise my whole office and this was the final dregs of the know those terribly annoying niggly bits that you just can't find the right place for?  That's what this is...ha ha ha :)

I also did a little bit of shopping and picked up some new things...

Later that evening...nail painting time!  I tried out the Alessandra Pro White Original for the first time.  Not a fan, I'm afraid :(  It made my nail polish peel so quickly! The red dark red colour is Butter London Saucy Jack, which I'm now wearing on my toes.

Bored at the doctor's office...wearing one of my favourite nail polishes at the moment, Essie's Fiji!

Late night snack -- Penn State pretzels, yum! 

Dinner!  We had sweet 'n' sour stir fry with brown rice.  So delish! 

And for a late-night movie snack, big bowl of popcorn & some more nail painting!  

More nesting...I got the sudden urge to deep clean our carpets so it was off to Woodies we went and poor old Jofus got roped into renting the Rug Doctor.  It actually works really well, I highly recommend it!  Our carpet looks amazing! 

And here's the after shot...our living room is the only carpeted room in the house aside from the stairs & landing (thank god...I HATE carpet!).  But I think the Rug Doctor did a great job!

These beauties are from the Cupcake Cottage (we did go back...the woman was much nicer this time!).  We got them for dessert to bring to my mom's house as it was my sister Emma's "last supper" with us since she left for her Erasmus year to go to Germany! :(  I had the strawberry cupcake (pink one!) it was delicious!  The other flavours were red velvet (my fave), Oreo, Nutella and chocolate.  

Jonathan surprised me with a completely unexpected early anniversary gift!  A white gold heart necklace encrusted with tiny diamonds.  I was so shocked...I absolutely love it and he did so well at picking it out, it's exactly the kind of thing I would have chosen for myself!  And it's super special since he purchased it in the same jeweller's where he bought my engagement ring :)      

Our 1 Year Wedding Anniversary!  Surprise breakfast I prepared for Jofus ;)

Wearing my heart necklace :)  I love it so much!  

I had an absolutely wonderful and very relaxing anniversary yesterday...we actually just stayed home & got Thai food for dinner because we've become old fogies and we were too tired to go out, ha ha ha!  Oh well...what can I say, I'm 39 weeks pregnant! (40 tomorrow in fact!)  

I also just wanted to say how overwhelmed I was by all of your lovely comments and kind words on yesterday's post.  I honestly had no idea when I wrote that what kind of effect it would have and I must admit I was a little nervous before posting it as it was so personal, but you guys just made my day!  I am so happy that a lot of you could relate to our story -- thank you so much for all of your support!

Have a great Sunday and if you're in Cork, enjoy the sun! ;)

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  1. yesterday's post was beautiful! I keep checking twitter and everything for news of little emilia fingers crossed she comes out soon.. obviously too comfy in their! you and jofus will be great parents! sending my love and blessing! Xxx


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