1 December 2012

Blogmas Day 1: Tutus & Ketchup Crisps

Happy December!

This month I decided that I would do "Blogmas" - blogging everyday until Christmas!  I know that on YouTube a lot of people do "Vlogmas" but seeing as we vlog everyday anyway, there wouldn't have been much point to me doing that...ha ha ha!  I figured my blog deserves some TLC since my very long hiatus last month so here goes!  These posts are not necessarily going to be about any topic in particular...but rather like more personal diary entries about what I got up to on that day.  I hope you guys enjoy!

Today Emilia's grandma and Auntie Ruth & Leah came to visit so she got to wear her special pink and grey tutu...how adorable does she look in it?!  We bought this outfit for her in Next - they have the best baby clothes!  I absolutely love the matching tights on her chubby little legs!  Her hair bow is from Layniebug Designs and she has them in every colour!  This is probably my favourite outfit she has worn so far.  Of course halfway through the day it ended up in the wash as she was changed into a different ensemble due to a poo explosion.  Ha ha ha!  Oh well, it was cute while it lasted ;)  

For lunch today I made seafood chowder.  I was really nervous about how it would turn out because I had never made it before nor am I exactly known for my cooking skills but I found an easy recipe on BBC's Good Food website via Pinterest and it was a huge success!  I'm sorry I forgot to take a picture of it :(  But I will definitely make it again - everybody loved it!

We also ended up having a pizza night tonight - I ordered my favourite from Domino's, the Florentine (with spinach, cherry tomatoes & feta...yum!).  I usually eat half of this and save the rest for the next day.  Leftover pizza is surprisingly good ;)  

I also tried out these Old Dutch Ketchup crisps for the first time...sent to us by two lovely Canadian subscribers!  They are definitely not everyone's taste but I thought they were yummy!  If you like salt & vinegar flavour I think you will like these too.  And only 170 calories a pack! :)

I hope you guys are having a great weekend!  Let me know if you decide to do "blogmas" too and feel free to link your blog posts below! 

Stay Stylish!


  1. Happy December! :) xx


  2. Really loving Emilia's outfit! So cute!!! I love laynie bug designs hair ties! I had bought some this past week!! :) may you add an ootd to your blogmas too?! :) those ketchup chips sound good! I'd be nervous to try them though! :) happy blogging Anna!! :)

    Kratz00@twitter (I just add my twitter cuz I don't have any of the below accounts)

  3. Shame you don't "stay stylish", all you do is preen yourself to the max whilst ignoring your baby's cries whilst she swings manically all day in the swing (which ensures she doesn't sleep during the day so that she will sleep through the night, so as to not disturb you so you don't have to change her nappy), having six dogs run around peeing on Emilia's head and all around the house, daily shopping to Tesco and midnight feasts at McDonald's. Nothing classy or stylish about that

    1. Agreed! Shitty lifestyle full of shitty nappys that she doesnt want to change. I wish jogus would wakeup and take himself and this poor child away from this horrible women.

    2. Let's not forget how they just dump dirty nappies in massive piles around the house so it stink the house out along with all the shit when the dogs take a dump all day all around the house, and exposing Emilia's privates for the world to see yet Anna doesnt want her mutts privates to be shown on camera. Where's the logic in that?

    3. This is becoming very boring. you seem to know alot about these people you apparently hate. Just making an ass of yourselves. Alas please do carry on, more money in their wage slips so....

    4. It's that boring that you keep checking what ppl have written. Anna everyone knows it's you replying to these comments. Get over yourself already and pay attention to your child

  4. Looking forward to your blogmas:)

  5. You srslyyy need help! U take your filthy mutt to the vet cuz it got carpet burn but don't take Emilia 2 doc when she passes out?! Are u friggin kiddin me?!! Your baby is ur last priority, wtf?!

  6. I dont know where alot of these anonymous commenters are getting their info from but I think we must be watching different vlogs.

  7. Holy shit, anonymity brings out your nasty streak! Anna, from the 20mins a day we see, you are doing great! As first time parents, you're amazing. Keep up the good work, Debs in Dublin x


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