Blogmas Day 3: Babies & Cupcakes!

This morning started with a doctor's postpartum checkup with the OB!  I snapped this picture of Emilia in the waiting room.  Doesn't she look like a present?!  I especially love the drool on her mouth, ha ha ha!  Jonathan and I always remember watching the new mamas come into the waiting room with their bundles of joy and thinking "that will never be us!"  It just seemed so surreal and far away yet here we are almost 3 months later with our own little Emilia!  It's quite amazing when you think about it...being an OB or midwife must be such a rewarding job.  Although it was a bit sad leaving the clinic knowing that we were now finished or I guess you could say "honourably discharged"!  After months of doctor's appointments and ultrasounds you build up a relationship with these people and it seems strange when it's suddenly all over.  Jonathan and I both feel like we just got out of a 9 month relationship or something, ha ha ha!

After the doctor's office we went to Costa for a much-needed coffee fix.  We are all exhausted after the weekend...I don't even know why, I think we must be old fogies or something!  Any bit of excitement has us yearning for a long nap afterwards to recover, ha  ha ha!  It's probably because of the broken sleep with Emilia...but we are definitely very tired lately!  I got a chicken sandwich for lunch followed up by a croissant & black coffee...and you can catch a glimpse of Jonathan's lemon & poppyseed muffin in the background, mmm!     

I attempted to film a video for my channel with Emilia was a big fail but she did enjoy hanging out in my cupcake room!!  Do you think she wants to swap?!  I love her chubby cheeks!!  And her little hand dimples, he he he!  What a cutie ;)  I also tried putting her down for a nap in her crib this afternoon but it didn't work because she had fallen asleep on the boob (like always!) and was taking a grand old nap then until I attempted to put her down.  Of course the minute her head hit the mattress she opened her eyes and smiled at me as if to say "oh hey mama, is it playtime now?"  I even put on her mobile in hopes that the music and spinning would hypnotise her into a deep sleep but it was all in vain...she just lay there grinning at it the entire time thinking it was all a game.  And then when I crept up to her closet to take out her hair bows for the video she locked eyes with me through the bars of her crib and let out a big fat CHUCKLE.  Ha ha ha, what a fail!  We'll try again tomorrow...

In any case I did manage to film my Mom & Baby November Favourites video (sans Emilia...aww) so that will be up on my channel later this evening.  YouTube is performing maintenance today so I'm not sure what time it'll be available to watch.  Above is a sneak peek at my favourites for the month!  

Hope you're all having a marvellous Monday, as my blogger friend Liesl would say ;)  

Stay Stylish!


  1. hav u no shame usin sexual titles 4 ur vlogs 2 draw more attention 2 ur self thats like jofus pimping u out sexually u said ur self u feel like a whore when u breast feed is that y u are now formula feedin?

  2. To my knowledge Anna is still breast feeding

  3. Um okay that first comments bizzarre, loved the blog anna, see youve got a yankee candle in your faves need to get myself a big jar of christmas tree myself :-)

  4. How can Anna think its ok for her baby to watch the waking dead
    You are selfish put your baby first ffs


  6. Too much info there! Nobody wants to know you went to the doctors because you ripped your episotomy stitches. Please be abit more private! There is a thing as giving too much info away you know. It's not classy, it screams trailer trash

    1. If you don't like it then don't watch the videos! Most expecting or new mothers appreciate the honesty.

  7. The comments are hilarious. Clearly English is not the first language of the person leaving the nasty commentS

  8. Emilia is just the sweetest little thing! I know how you feel about leaving your OB after all that time. They share such a special moment in life that you naturally form a bond. Thanks for letting us in on your life!

  9. This is your blog? One is not impressed. And stop copying my makeup choices, they are sooooo last season, duhhh


  10. I went to Yankee candle here in the states but they didn't have the Christmas tree one! They did have a Christmas wreath! I wonder if they smell the same?! Hmm and costs food looks good! Is costs like the Starbucks of Ireland?!


  11. Hello there! A few days ago I stumbled across your blog and read and watched videos all about your first pregnancy! (Which I know was a few years ago)
    I just wanted to say thank you :) it was so amazing to see the daily/weekly happenings of someone pregnant, and keeping it real.
    I hope you never let those rude comments get to you as well, because knowing what really happens to people helps others out so much more than trying to keep everything to yourself.
    Just wanted to let you know that I loved your story! :) Keep on keeping on!
    ~Christa, from Florida


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