Our Christmas 2012!

As 2012 comes to a close, I thought I'd share some pictures with you from Emilia's first Christmas!  We had a wonderful, relaxing day and hope you did too! 

Our presents "under" the tree (unfortunately we can't really put them under it as the puppies would rip them to shreds!!)

Emilia all dolled up in her Christmas outfit!  She looked so cute watching cartoons but then she fell asleep right before we opened our presents, ha ha ha!

Jonathan got me Hunter boots! 

Playing with his new keyboard :)

The puppies loved opening their presents the most!

Albi got an ice-cream cone...ha ha ha!

Theo opening his present!

Bianca...just being Bianca!


Nivea is obsessed with Albi...ha ha ha!

Hope you enjoyed this little snippet of our day!  You can watch Emilia's Christmas haul video here ;)  Stay safe tonight and Happy New Year!



  1. Great pics..beautiful family! Super excited to watch Emilia grow :)

  2. Wishing you & your family a happy healthy 2013! ❤ X

  3. I I love your and Emilias matching Outfits! It is the cutest ever :) i wish you guys a Happy and Healthy New Year! Emilia is so blessed with such amazing Parents! <3

  4. Happy new year! For you and your family. With lots of love, fun and video's! ;) xx

  5. happy new year lov the pics emilias so cute,and happy
    my one year loved the tree we had to fix it to the wall so she could
    pull it on herself lol
    love the face book page and u hubby is so funny good luck with all u both do from lotsofshoes29

  6. Hi Anna, I have been watching your vlogs and readings our blogs from when I watched your pink lining nappy bag review back in September. I had a little boy a week after you had Emilia. Im not one to normally comment online but I wanted to let you know that I think you're an inspiration, especially to first time mums. You show how to stay glamorous and be a great parent at the same time. I love comparing what you and Emilia re up to with what I'm doing with my little guy. IGNORE the negative comments Anna, they are borne from jealousy and stupidity. Most of us think you're fab! Happy New Year to you, Jofus and Emilia.
    Sarah in Dublin

  7. Such a lovely family!

  8. Aw watching the puppies open their presents on your vlog was just adorable! Lovely photographs from such a special time in your life - emilias first Christmas! :) xo


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