It's Going to Be A Ruff Night...

Today all of our little furry monsters got their monthly wash, cut & blow-dry!  Here they are all bundled up in the back of the car...actually they look like they're in prison with the grate up, ha ha!  We got them cut a bit differently this time - kind of a puppy cut with one length all over and I really like it!

Here they are after their day of pampering...what little cuties!  Can you guess who's who?!  To make it easier for you, Albi got a dark blue bow, Sina got hot pink, Theo got baby blue and the three girl puppies got yellow :)

Last night right before her bath, Emilia sat up by herself!  It only lasted about 2 seconds...but it was so adorable, even more so because she did it in all her chubby rolls of cuteness :) Check out the video of her sitting up in today's vlog here.

Here's the little princess in her sweet new pj's from a lovely subscriber Kelly.  I absolutely love them!  The lighting in this pic doesn't really do them justice but they're a raspberry pink with a doggy on them an "Ruff Night" written underneath.  They are size 3-6 months (fit like a glove!) and are by Hatley, which is a brand I had never heard of before but now that I've seen some of their stuff I'm obsessed!

I hope you guys are having a great week so far!  I am uploading my new Style Diet video as I type will be up & ready for your viewing pleasure very soon! :)

Stay Stylish!

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  1. So many pups! Haha and Emilia is such a doll sitting up in her cute pj's haha your making me baby hungry Anna! Hahaha


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