Beauty Tuesday: Huge L'Oreal Haul!

Here are some pictures of the L'Oreal items I received to review last week!  I am so looking forward to trying them out and letting you all know my thoughts on them.  As you can see, I was sent quite a lot of products but I am particularly excited about the skincare items!

I got three products from the Revitalift Laser Renew line - the Advanced Moisturiser, the Super Serum and the Precision Eye Cream.  So far I have tried the moisturiser and serum and I like how they feel on my skin.  Neither are too greasy/oily yet they still make my face feel smooth & hydrated.  I have yet to use the eye cream as I'm still trying out my Murad sample from last month's Glossybox.  I also got their new Skin Perfection 15 Second Miracle Cleansing Oil which claims to remove makeup instantly and is suitable for all skin types.  I have actually had a lot of luck using oils as a makeup remover before so I'm looking forward to trying this out!  

Next up I got the Code Lumiere Illuminating BB Cream in the shade Fair.  It claims to even out your skin-tone, reduce the appearance of irregular pigmentation (which I definitely have!) all while giving your skin an illuminating glow.  I'm a bit sceptical about this as I tried it this morning and while it did improve my skin's appearance and somewhat even it out, it definitely does not give me enough coverage to feel comfortable wearing it on its own.  I would have to put this on under foundation which makes me question whether this is just another useless step in my makeup routine...I suppose it would be good for when you're just running out the door and don't have time to apply makeup?  I am still undecided, let me know your thoughts!  

Along with the BB cream I also got to sample some of the new Nude Magique CC creams!  I had never even heard of these before...nor did I know what it meant (apparently CC stands for "colour correcting"!)  I got the Anti-Redness one (tinted green to neutralise the appearance of redness).  I am curious to try this as I do have some acne scars/redness that I'd like to conceal!  I also got the Anti-Fatigue CC Cream (L'Oreal must have known I'd just had a baby...ha ha ha!) which is tinted apricot to help "wake up" your complexion.  Last of this selection, I got the BB blush in a universal pink colour.  I'm not a huge fan of gel/cream blushes as I hate how greasy they can be on my skin and this is not a colour I would normally pick for myself but it seems quite pigmented and long-lasting so I will try it out nonetheless!

As you can see from the swatches, when rubbed into the skin the CC creams both change colour and transform into foundation.  The blush is very pigmented and really did leave quite a stain on the area where I applied it, which probably means you need to move fast with this product!

Finally, here are the makeup & one hair product that I received.  The first of which is the well-known Elnett Hairspray - this one is in Extra Strength "Sleek Perfection".  I also got the Color Riche Nail Varnish Top Coat in Gold Lurex.  This actually looks pretty cool!  I'm excited to get back into painting my nails just so I can use it.

I got the new Super Liner Blackbuster which is a chunky felt tip liquid liner.  You guys know how I love my black eyeliner (and I'm very fussy about it) so I will definitely put this to the test very soon!  

I know L'Oreal is famous for its Voluminous mascara (which I still have yet to try!) so I wonder if this False Lash Flutter mascara will follow suit.  Check out the interesting shape of the wand though, it does remind me of a butterfly! 

Last but not least was this Glam Shine Stain Splash in the colour 300 Juliet.  A mostly water based formula which is supposed to last for 6 hours, this is a gloss that looks like a stain.  When swatched I will admit that it didn't rub off easy and left a lingering stain on my hand.  However this is definitely a colour outside of my comfort zone...Juliet is a vibrant pinkish red and having looked on the website, I think Bonnie would have been more up my alley but having said that I do sport a red lip from time to time so this may come in handy to wear on top of lipstick/liner when the occasion arises.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!  Let me know what products you're most interested in and I will do my best to review them first :)

Stay Stylish!


  1. I'm definitely excited to hear how those CC creams work.

  2. I like L'Oreal products, I hope I will find these new ones soon in my country

  3. Can you get all these products in Ireland Anna?

  4. Anna: I have bought the l'oreal bb cream foundation, and maybe I'm applying it wrong, but it looks "caked-on" even when I use a small amount. Any suggestions? Did you have the same results?


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