Mommy Monday: Boob Haul!

Nope I did not get new boobs...but I did pick up some new items from Boob, the nursing wear clothing brand! ;)  If you don't know about this company, they make clothes that make it really easy and convenient to breast feed without maximum coverage.  All their tops come with a panel that lifts up for "easy access" to feed without having to expose your entire chest area.  I love these as they give me so much confidence when nursing in public.  Most people don't even notice I'm doing it, in fact I have had some slightly embarrassing moments (for other people, not me!) when strangers have come up and started talking to Emilia - not realising that she's actually attached to me...ha ha ha!  That's just how good they are ;)

I got everything from Jellybean, who are also having a big sale at the moment!  The first thing was from their new Spring/Summer guys know how I like my stripes!  I was so happy when I saw this :)  It's just a round-neck long-sleeve style, perfect for the spring.  

This rust/brown long-sleeve top is another basic that I also have in black and ink blue.  Slightly autumnal (and this was on sale from last season's stock) but I do plan to breast feed for the full year and I love this colour!

And lastly, I just picked up two very basic items - another long-sleeve in white and a singlet (tank top) in white.  These make great layering items so you can never have enough of them in my opinion!

Boob clothing doesn't come cheap unfortunately but to me, it's worth it!  If you buy basics you can layer them under all of your regular clothes and honestly I do not mind paying a little bit extra for something that improves my confidence so much when I'm feeding Emilia :)  The clothing is made in Portugal from 92% organic cotton, 8% elastane - it is super great quality and washes really well.  

Emilia was a little princess as always and sat patiently in my cupcake room playing with her toy purse while I filmed videos & took blog pictures today...isn't she a sweetie!  Poor thing is getting her two bottom front teeth and they are breaking through so she's in a bit of pain :(  But she is wearing her amber beads which seem to be helping and I'm giving her Bonjela teething gel when she gets very upset.  Poor baby! 

Let me know what you think of Boob nursing it something you'd be willing to try if you are breast feeding?  Or do you prefer a different alternative (nursing covers, pashminas, etc.)  Let me know!

Stay Stylish!


  1. Anna try the teetha granuales for the teething along with the amber there amazing we found the teetha great between her bottom lip & gum at bedtime they work all night.

  2. I'm definitely going to have to invest in some boob clothing! I think sometimes I reveal too much skin..(whoops saggy tummy too lol) & these sound perfect!:D xx

  3. My son is due July 1st (he's my first :) ) and I will definitely be getting some boob tank tops and quite possibly a hoodie. It gets quite hot in northern Michigan in the summer so throwing a blanket or a nursing cover over me when it's 98 degrees and super humid dousnt sound fun. These look like amazing! The only thing that could be better is if they have dresses :)

  4. I really like the striped shirt and I think it'll look very good on you! Oh, and Emilia is just the cutest thing ever! I really love reading you blog posts, Anna! Love from Germany :)

  5. Hey Anna, found a great company for breastfeeding clothes frugi, they have georgeous breastfeeding tops and dresses also organic cotton, I'm addicted to there range and look less like I'm wearing nursing top. Deliver he to Ireland so quickly too, bit pricey but as you said totally worth it when feeding in public. Be warned tho if u check out thier website ull probably want to buy entire range and thier kids range, I couldn't resist d cute clothes for my little boy 3 months old. Also haven't seen anyone else in cork wearing thier range so its a bit different, some of their stuff would look super cute on emelia. Aisling Cork

  6. I also had these tops when my kids were born and doc came to see my son and he was feeding.doc didnt realized and was going to pick my son up from my lap and i had to tell him that i am feeding him and he was so embarrassed :) and me too.
    But those tops r amazing though.


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