What I Ate Wednesday

Alpen porridge (Apple, Raspberry & Raisin) w/half banana, almond milk, cinnamon & a black coffee...same as always!  

Chickpea wrap...I had chickpeas in my kitchen cupboard and really wanted to use them so I made this!  I got the recipe from The Sweet Life blog and it was super easy! 

Organic dessert apple & handful of almonds.  I bought all organic fruit & veggies in our last grocery shop and I have to say I really can taste a difference!  Everything tastes so much better & fresher...plus I didn't really notice a big price difference.  For example these dessert apples are smaller than the regular Pink Lady apples I get, but they are so much sweeter, crunchier and better tasting!  

Courtesy of my sister Emma!  Eggplant penne pasta with pecorino cheese.  So delicious!

My mom got these cakes from On the Pig's Back and I couldn't decide between the two (coffee and lemon) so I had to have a slice of both!!  My sister also baked chocolate chip cookies but I forgot to take a picture of those :(  *sigh* I could never give up sweets...I just like them too much! ;)

What did you eat today?!


  1. I had the same thing for breakfast as you did! And for lunch some leftovers whole wheat spaghetti with spicy Italian turkey meatballs. Little cereal as a snack and for dinner I made healthy burritos with brown rice, chicken and guacamole. :)

  2. I made a lemon cake like the one in the picture before. =)
    Should I post the recipe here?

  3. Do you count calories why or why not?

  4. Looks sooo yummy! :-) and i looove Alpen porridge mmm! xx

  5. anna your mom's cooking inspires me to reach in my inner chef ability and it seems to be succesfull so far! :) thanksfor sharing your wonderfull.life with us ! =)


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