What I Ate Wednesday!

Today's breakfast was the same-ish...I had my usual Alpen porridge but this time I tried a different flavour - apricot, almond & hazelnut.  I really like this one too though it is definitely not as sweet as the raspberry one, probably because apricot tends to be more tart in general.  I had it with light soy milk, half a banana, cinnamon and a black coffee!  

We ate lunch at Costa!  I got the chicken salad sandwich which is not my favourite - they were out of chicken fajita wraps :(  They are the best!  But this wasn't bad, it's made with tomato, mayo, mixed leaves and malted wholegrain bread.  I also had another black coffee with this!

We had dinner at Wagamama's because my sister is leaving for Germany again very soon *insert sad face here :(* and I got the Yasai Yaki Soba (vegetarian wholewheat noodles dish fried with egg).  I almost always order this, it's my absolute favourite!  Jonathan got the Chicken Katsu Curry.

For dessert I got the white chocolate and ginger cheesecake...also my fave!  I love how you can see Emilia's little pouty face in the background, ha ha ha!  She wasn't very happy at Wagamama's, I think her teeth are bothering her and she was a bit overtired :(  

Jonathan's dessert - three mini cheesecakes :)

To be honest I didn't eat the best today - I would have probably preferred to fit in a snack of some fruit/yoghurt/nuts or something like that in between lunch and dinner but we were busy all day filming the puppies' reaction video so I didn't get a chance to!  Also I'd just like to mention that yesterday I gave into a MAJOR Diet Coke craving...bad bad bad!! I never drink the stuff anymore (I used to order it anytime we went out to eat!) have pretty much just gotten used to only drinking water but yesterday I had a moment of weakness and totally caved!  Anyway, I paid for it big time last night...was super gassy, bloated and got stomach cramps.  It's crazy how much something like that affects you when you completely cut it out of your diet!!  And now I'm stuck with a bajillion Coke cans in my fridge.  Anyone want to come over? ;)  

Let me know what you ate today and do you ever drink fizzy drinks?  What do you think of them?  


  1. Emilia is one of the cutest babies ever...second to mine of course. ;) Love the bows! And thanks for changing up the meals today. I still don't know how you get by on the small amounts you eat. I'm breastfeeding too and starving every 2 hours.

  2. Hi Anna, Your dinner noodles looked delicious but your lunch sandwich looked a little sad. Ha ha! I started my day with oatmeal porridge w/Oat milk. I made a tuna Tortilla wrap for lunch but around 4 o'clock a frozen Chocolate Walnut Brownie called me over from the freezer and I ate him & his brother! Ha ha! For dinner I ate a slice of flaxseed multigrain toast, a chickpea salad (with left over tuna, corn, tomatoes & cucumber) and washed it down with a soy ice cream sandwich! Yikes! Talk about a disappointing day. I think I get an A+ for trying to eat healthy but a D- for actually sticking to the menu. Tomorrow I will try again. How do you ignore the 4'o clock sweet temptations? Reese

  3. Hi Anna! I love this post/video! :) But I miss your snacks... Or U stop to eat them? ;) U ARE MY INSPIRATION!!!!! :*

  4. Hi Anna! I love this posts/videos WIAW! I just miss Your snacks...or U stop to eat them during the time?? ;) U ARE MY INSPIRATION!!! :* Stella

  5. Ive recently cut out crisps and fizzy drinks. Im so suprised how ive lost weight by just cutting these things out just goes to show how bad for you they are. I started the day with fruit& nut cereals with added blueberries. Lunch was mushrooms on wholemeal toast with some tomato. Tea was chicken dinner with lots of veggies. Only problem is during the day i caved& ate 2mini twixs and a mini mars bar. Oops.

  6. Do you count calories at all ? Just wondering what your current secrets are for staying slim

  7. Awwwwwwwwwwww!!! The photo of the yummy cheesecake with Emilia in the background.. sooooo cute! :).


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