Fashion Friday: Mommy & Baby

Pants/Primark, Top/Boob, Blazer/ASOS, Boots/Dune, Necklace/Agatha

Okay, so it is still quite cold out but it's beginning to feel a bit more like spring!  Emilia's outfit is very appropriate and mine is more "blah" with all the greys but...what can I say, I have the circulation of an old granny and I wasn't willing to break out the short sleeves!!

Speaking of which, I have discovered a new trick to get use out of all Emilia's pretty spring short sleeve tops - put a long sleeve vest/onesie underneath and voilĂ !  No-one even suspects that this isn't how it's supposed to look.  I've actually seen a lot of babies' clothes in this style...if only grown-ups could get away with it too, eh?

Emilia's t-shirt and leggings are from Baby Gap, the socks are from Tesco F&F and her hairbow is by Layniebug Designs.

Biker boots in the spring...ugh.  Only in Ireland!  

How cute is the little peplum detail on her t-shirt?!  Adorable!  

Looking like her daddy here (I think it's the eyebrows!).  And showing off those two teeth!  

Hope you are all having a fabulous Friday!  Enjoy the sunshine ;)

Stay Stylish!

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