Mommy Monday: Photo Session with Emilia

I did a little photo session with Emilia in her nursery today.  She just loves hanging out in her crib!  Though she doesn't sleep there yet, she does like to have quiet time in there and will quite happily play with her toys or entertain herself while I tidy up or put her things away.  Also, I'm a really crappy photographer so I apologise for the poor focus on all of these shots...I really have no idea what I'm doing with a DSLR camera!  Usually Jonathan takes all the nice pictures!  

I just think she looks so cute peeking out from behind the bars of her crib :)  Her outfit is from Zara (the top and leggings) and this is what I bought for her daddy's birthday as he loves navy blue and the nautical look!  Her socks are from Baby Gap and the brown headband is by Layniebug Designs!

I hope you're all having a great Monday!

Nighty night from Emilia & me :)



  1. Nice pictures! I like Emilia's different facial expressions. Your daughter is very cute. :)

  2. What gorgeous photos of Emilia. She really is adorable and suits blue. :-)

    P.s. every time I try go to the laynie bug bows Facebook it always says the page requested cannot be found. Is there any other ways to order pretty bows from her? Thank you :-)xx

  3. That first photo of her, is just so beautiful. It takes some time to know what to do with big cameras, I've had mine for ages now and still have no idea, YouTube and Google are pretty helpful though.

  4. Emilia is just so darn cute. Loved your Mommy Monday video Anna very informative. :)

  5. Such a big cute babygirl she is. She's growing so fast-amazing. Kisses from Poland for Emilia :*


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