What I Ate Wednesday!

Breakfast (10am)
Flahavan's Organic Quick Oats with almond milk, 1/2 banana and cinnamon. Black coffee.
Emilia had 1/2 a Weetabix with whole milk and a banana.  (She never finishes anything, just FYI!)  Oh and I am totally cheating with this picture...it's from another post on my blog! I forgot to take WIAW pictures this morning so apologies for that! But my breakfast is almost always the same so it doesn't really matter :)

Lunch (2pm)
Emilia had cherry tomatoes, avocado, rocket watercress & baby spinach salad along with half her dad's Babybel cheese and a few fingers of wholegrain toast.

I had Sri Lankan Chicken Soup (Tesco Finest) with a Linseed & Oatbran roll (Lifefibre).

Emilia has really begun to love her solid food recently!  The last 2 weeks or so have been amazing - she eats everything and anything!  I am so proud of her :) 

Snack (5pm)
Organic dessert apple & a Babybel cheese.

Dinner (8pm)
Thai Prawn Chilli and Lemon Grass Fishcakes (Tesco Finest) and Mediterranean Vegetable Rice with watercress, spinach & rocket salad and a few cherry tomatoes.  

We were going to give Emilia some fishcakes but holy moly were they spicy so it was a no-go for now!  Instead she had some avocado (she loooved it at lunch!) a bit of our veggie rice and a few carrot sticks.  To drink during the day (aside from breast milk) she had some freshly squeezed orange juice diluted with water (1 part juice, 2 parts water).  

Dessert (10pm)
A bit weird but Jonathan had TONS of marshmallows left over from his Chubby Bunny video so I toasted a few of them on a candle flame...ha ha ha!  Please tell me I'm not the only freak who does this, I love toasted marshmallows!!

To drink throughout the day I had 2L water and 2 cups black coffee incl. breakfast :)

What did you guys eat today? 


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