Mommy Monday: Matching Outfits!

Emilia and I matched our outfits (kinda) last Friday!  Well, what actually happened is I thought hers was so cute I decided to copy it...ha ha ha!  Her little cropped jeans & stripey bee top are both from Next, the yellow socks are Trumpettes and her headband is by Layniebug Designs.  My top is by Boob, jeggings are ASOS, shoes are from Zara and the scarf is from Accessorize.  Aaaand my hair is in desperate need of a root touch-up and cut but that's okay as I've made an appointment for this week (finally)!  

We have quite the busy week coming up as we're going to a family wedding and another event in Dublin so I'm a little bit nervous about packing for Emilia as it's going to be our first time staying anywhere overnight with her.  There are so many things to think about with a baby...and I thought packing for myself was stressful enough!  I am already making lists, ha ha.  That's me, the eternal list-maker who spends more time writing down all the things I have to do than actually getting things done ;)  

I also plan to post Mon-Fri this week as I realise I've been really neglecting my blog lately.  I honestly don't know where the time goes!  Hopefully I will stay true to my word and not let you guys down.  I will be back tomorrow!  

Stay Stylish!

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