What I Ate Wednesday!

Breakfast (9:45)
Organic porridge oats (Flahavan's) with almond milk, almonds & cinnamon.

Emilia had some shredded mini wheats with milk.  She also had her 8 month developmental check this morning and passed with flying colours!  Yay!  The health nurse was very happy with everything and I was interested to hear that she believes baby led weaning is the way of the future!  This method of eating seems to suit Emilia so well as she is very independent and only wants to feed herself.  She never fails to amaze me with her food choices though as she almost always tends to reach for brightly coloured veggies over anything else!  

Lunch (1pm)
We had lunch at The Bagel Bar again.  This time I got the Bangkok Bagel which consists of a poppy seed bagel filled with chicken, red onion, peppers and sweet chilli sauce.  Delicious!  It's quite low-cal too...I think maybe about 350ish.

Emilia had a plain bagel toasted with butter.  It's a pity that The Bagel Bar has stopped doing their kids' menu with mini bagels...they were so cute!  She only ate about 1/4 of this and kind of sucked on the other 1/4 before digging into some peppers from my bagel :)

Snack (4pm)
Natural yoghurt (Glenilen) with raw almonds.  Very filling and keeps me satisfied till dinner! 

Dinner (9pm)
We ate dinner really late as we all took a much-needed nap this afternoon!  Jonathan and I have been working super hard on videos for TheStyleDiet and his JonathanJoly channel lately...and although it is definitely very rewarding the more effort we put in, sometimes we both end up getting extremely drained and burnt out.  I think especially when you work from home, the line between personal life and work can become very blurred so it's important to take a break and realise when you're overdoing things!  For dinner we had a very yummy chicken dopiaza stir-fry with basmati rice & veggies (broccoli, mangetout & baby corn).  Emilia had some rice, veggies steamed seperately and a few pieces of chicken.  Her favourite was the broccoli & mangetout.  I also gave her 3 cherry tomatoes and a babybel cheese before dinner because girlfriend needs her tomato fix!!   

Dessert (10pm)
...if you can even call this "dessert", ha ha ha!  I had a bowl of Mini Max (basically a smaller variety of Frosted Wheats) with low-fat milk.  I loooove having cereal for dessert for some reason, which I know I've mentioned before on my blog!  I had planned to have popcorn but it got burnt :(  Waah!  

What did you guys eat today? 

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