What I Ate Wednesday!

Breakfast (10am)
Back to my all-time favourite!  Flahavans Organic Quick Oats with almond milk, 1/2 banana, cinnamon & a black coffee.  We also got these new place-mats in Sorrento...aren't they pretty?  They match our kitchen perfectly :)  They're from a shop called "Casa Mia" near our hotel & the park where we took all our outfit pictures.    

Lunch (2pm)
Chickpea salad (contains feta, olive oil, red peppers, red onion, coriander, cucumber) from GoGo's.

Mid-Afternoon (4pm)
Coffee break!  Another black coffee.  I got about 4 hours sleep last night as we are training Albi & Sina to go to bed downstairs with the other pups...Sina is perfectly fine but Albi is a nightmare :(  He howled and cried the whole night!  It's not his fault though, we are trying to undo 4 years of a bad habit so I'm not surprised he's reacting this way.  Hopefully he will get used to the new sleeping arrangements soon - I hear persistence is key!  

Dinner (8pm)
I really don't know anyway to make this look pretty after it's been spooned out...ha ha ha!  It looks like a big heap of slop but it's actually yummy chicken, mushroom & bacon pie!  I would normally have added some kind of side-salad but our fridge is pretty much empty at the moment as I'm waiting on our grocery delivery (tomorrow morning :) so I did without for today!  

Dessert (10:30pm)
This is more of a bedtime snack than dessert...we had a really hard time putting Emilia down to bed - I think her schedule is still a bit messed up from the holiday, poor little thing! :(  So I was a bit stressed after two attempts at breastfeeding, rocking her to sleep and then unsuccessfully putting her back into the crib and when she finally settled down the only thing I could think of were these KitKats, ha ha ha!  Actually in the end they were pretty stale as I hadn't realised Jonathan had bought them in Italy around 2 weeks ago...oops!  But in my weary state I didn't really mind :)

I also drank 8 glasses / 2L of water today...I am trying to drink LOADS of water as I currently have low blood pressure so I need to stay hydrated!!  


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