9 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2!

Welcome to week 9!  Today I'm joined by Nivea, who decided to flop down beside me for these shots :)

How far along? 9 weeks!
Total weight gain: 3lbs total - gained one more pound this week putting me at 118lbs.  
Maternity clothes? YES!! Last time it took sooooo long for me to show but this time it seems like I've popped out overnight!  My regular jeans are all so uncomfortable right now and while most of my maternity pants are a little loose I'll take comfort over feeling like a stuffed sausage anyday!
Stretch marks? No new ones - I'm actually just using cocoa butter right now.
Sleep: I'm still not having any problems sleeping yet...I would just like more sleep please!  But Emilia is back to sleeping through the night again (hallelujah!) so I can't complain.
Best moment this week: Blah...I hate this question in the first trimester!  I kind of feel like the last week is a blur of sleeping & eating.  Next!
Miss anything? Having normal amounts of energy!  
Movement: Nope...but I had a crazy dream last night that there were TWO babies moving around my belly and I was like "this is too early!!!" It was really creepy!
Food cravings: I find myself craving savoury and salty foods...and I know to this everyone is going to scream "BOY!!!" but I don't know...I remember last time it was oranges (sweet) but then I got a weird craving for Ploughman's cheese sandwiches (savoury) too so who knows!  This time around I definitely get the sandwich craving again but also things like tortilla chips & guacamole (???) which we never have in the house.  This led to a totally bizarre session wherein I grabbed a bag of popcorn (only salty thing I could find in the cupboard) and proceeded to plop little dollops of guacamole onto each kernel & eat them one by one.  It really didn't even taste that good...ha ha ha!  
Anything making you queasy or sick: Coffee/tea, and I have awful morning sickness right when I wake up and my stomach is empty.  In fact it gets worse whenever I haven't eaten in a while so I should probably try to eat more frequently throughout the day.  It's just hard when I feel so nauseous! :(
Gender: I don't know!
Labor signs: No.
Symptoms: Nausea/morning sickness, fatigue (though that has gotten a little bit better this week).  My gums stopped bleeding and my boobs have gotten smaller (total opposite of last time!) since I've decreased breastfeeding.  I know most women would be upset...I am over the moon!!  Mine got so huge and inflated during the height of breastfeeding, that I looked so disproportionate.  Right now I'm very happy with the way they are!
Belly button in or out? In!
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or moody most of the time: Not as moody as last week - but definitely still a little bit.  I'm just holding on for the 2nd trimester!!
Looking forward to: Ultrasound next week :)

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