Emilia's 11 Month Update!

I can't believe another month has passed...and now I'm planning Emilia's 1st birthday party!  Where does the time go?? :(  This year has gone by so fast!  

Height/Weight: She is still not due to have these measurements taken till after her first birthday...but I did weigh her this month!  She weighs 22lbs and I don't know her height/length.  We will find out after she goes for her next checkup! 

Routine: I don't think her Emilia's routine has changed much at all since last month - except for the fact that it seems like she is almost ready to drop her second nap of the day (nooooo!). 

Sleeping: Emilia is now sleeping through the night for the most part and is still going the whole night in her crib with the door shut & the monitor on.  If she does wake it's usually just a bad dream or she wants me to come in and comfort her but she doesn't need a feed anymore.  I generally just rock her back to sleep in the rocking chair and she settles back down after a few minutes.  In terms of naps, she takes a longer one from around 12-2/2:30pm and recently has been rejecting her second afternoon nap...it's hard during these kinds of transition periods because I never know whether it's better to put her to bed (even though she's not tired enough and clearly doesn't want to go down) or keep her awake till her proper bedtime.  The problem with putting her down for a second nap is that sometimes it gets too late by the time she finally gets to sleep and then that messes up her bedtime.  Gahh!!  It's all a learning curve, I suppose!

Eating: I am now breastfeeding twice a day, once before her first nap and once again at bedtime.  Initially I tried substituting the third afternoon feed with cow's milk but she doesn't always really want/need it so instead I've started giving her a little snack instead.  For breakfast she still usually eats porridge with banana.  She can now drink from her sippy cup by herself!  She mostly just gets water...I've never really given her juice and once she turns 1 I'll probably start giving her more cow's milk as her main drink.  For lunch she usually has cherry tomatoes, bread/toast, cucumber, tuna/chicken/ham, cheese, avocado and/or whatever else we happen to be having.  For dinner she eats whatever we're eating and for dessert she usually has a yoghurt and some fruit.  For her afternoon snack she normally gets cheese & tomato puffits and 1/2 an apple.

Sizes: Emilia is wearing mostly 12-18 months clothing (depends on the brand/item of clothing) and size 4+ nappies.  

  • She is cruising EVERYWHERE, I think she is now kind of frustrated with crawling and wants to be standing up all the time so has figured out new way of getting around.
  • She is also walking assisted by her little wooden car which she pushes around the place and sometimes she even puts a doggy friend into it and loves bringing them on little adventures too! :)
  • She started shaking her head and reacts to certain words I say like she really understands me...for example if I ask her to give me something she will do it, if I say "where are your doggy friends?" she looks at them or looks around for them.  Clever girl :)
  • From what I can see, she still has 8 full milk teeth but I can see some others coming up.  I don't know how long that will take!
  • Her new favourite thing to do is pull everything out of boxes/baskets/shelves/etc. and then proceed to put them all back or stack everything on top of each other.  I sometimes watch her empty an entire laundry basket only to put everything back in again!
  • She has stood on her own a few times but always gets freaked out and scared when she realises what she's done and either carefully sits down or grabs onto the nearest object/piece of furniture.  I'm still waiting for her to take those first steps...I can't imagine what a special moment that will be!!

That's all I can think of for now...next month will be her last update!  It's crazy to think that this time last year I was heavily pregnant and could not wait to meet Emilia for the first time...I had no idea how much I would love her.  And now I'm pregnant again and looking forward to meeting another beautiful baby :)  Life is crazy!


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