New Due Date & Birthday Prep

The birthday preparations are underway!  Here's what my house is beginning to look like...basically it's as if Peppa Pig just vomited all over it, ha ha ha!  I'm staying up late tonight to prepare Emilia's cake...right now it's cooling in the fridge so I can frost and decorate it.  I've also set up her place at the table for when she comes down in the morning :)  I am so excited!  My mom always had this tradition where she'd set up our places on the morning of our birthday with our presents, cards, cake & candles...even on a school morning!  We weren't allowed to come down from our room till everything was ready and it was always a lovely surprise.  Even now that I'm grown up & moved out of home I still miss those birthday mornings.  So it's really important to me that I continue this tradition with my family too!     

We also had our 12 week scan today!  This time around the baby was extremely active!  He/she was kicking and moving like crazy - I actually got a fright when I saw that, I was not expecting it as last time the baby was so tiny and still!  We got to hear the heartbeat which was amazing :)  And I got a new due date!  So even though I was technically there for my 12 week scan the computer put me at 11 weeks 1 day so I am one week behind where I thought I was and my new due date is March 31st!  

Gotta go get covered in pink frosting and cry a little bit more about my baby growing up...ha ha ha ;)


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  1. This is so crazy, I've always known that Eduardo and myself share a Birthday, which is pretty cool but probably not very uncommon. But it turns out we were actually both due on 31st March too! :)


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