Our Second Wedding Anniversary!

Happy 2 years to my amazing husband Jonathan!  I can't believe how much our life has changed since this time last year...we didn't even know Emilia then (although I was heavily pregnant and more than ready to meet her!) and now she is this wonderful little person that I can't imagine being without!  What's even crazier is that there's another little person in my belly, who will hopefully be featuring in our 3 year anniversary shot!  I also love that my hair is completely different and Jonathan has lost so much weight!  I'm really happy we decided to carry out this tradition of taking a picture holding the framed photo from last year every anniversary...I think these will be so much fun to look back on!     

I kept things really casual & comfy today as we didn't go anywhere fancy - we actually ended up going to the Ballymaloe Food & Gardening Fair!  I am wearing some of the items I bought & featured in my recent fashion haul.  The grey oversized t-shirt and dark grey leggings are from GAP and the embellished flats are from New Look.  This was my first time wearing these shoes and we did quite a bit of walking around...I am thrilled to report that they are SO comfortable and I felt like I was wearing slippers!  Not one blister to be found.  I love the t-shirt & thicker material that the leggings are made of but I do wish the legs were a little shorter & tighter.  I had to roll them up as I have pretty short legs (poor Emilia has the very same problem...ha ha ha!  All of her leggings are too long ;)  

Emilia's outfit is all from Boots Mini Club and the bow was a gift from a subscriber.  She actually met her twin at the food fair - another little baby who was wearing the same thing!  

I hope you are all enjoying a relaxing Sunday, and Happy September!  I hope to blog everyday this month...so don't be afraid to keep me in check!   


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