What I Ate Wednesday!

Here are today's eats!  

Weetabix with almond milk and a handful of almonds (we had no bananas :( )

Emilia has the same except with regular cow's milk instead of almond & heated up :)  Oh, and check out her shiner! :(  She got this yesterday when she slipped and fell while walking in the living room.  I still have no idea what caused such a bruise! It seems she gets them everyday now that she's toddling around the place!

We went to Costa for lunch as it's across the road from where I picked up my new car.  This is my all-time favourite lunch choice - the chicken fajita wrap.  It's made with chicken, cheese, peppers and fajita sauce plus they toast it for you which makes it even yummier.  I also ordered a medium decaf coffee.

We spent almost the entire day out so I had no snacks today!  Dinner was chicken chow mein made by Jonathan with wholewheat noodles and peppers...actually kind of similar to lunch now that I think of it!  But so good!

Oh.My.God. I was not expecting to fall so deeply in love with this cake!  My mom offered me a slice of this zucchini cake that my sister Emma baked over the weekend.  I am not a fussy eater and will try anything but I definitely did not think that zucchini could be involved in the making of such a delicious sweet treat!  I would describe this as very similar to carrot cake in terms of texture & taste, and the cream cheese frosting was to die-for!!  If I could have eaten 50 slices I would!  


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