What I Ate Wednesday

Flahavan's Hi8 Muesli with light soy milk (I used hot milk this time - super yummy & comforting for cold mornings!). No coffee but I did drink my water.

A new Subway opened up in our area...woo hoo! We were also sans Emilia today as she had lunch in her Oma's house while we were at our doctor's appointment. So we treated ourselves to some delicious subs. I got the tuna sub on Hearty Italian bread with cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and lettuce.

We had a pretty busy day of running around doing errands so when I got home I was starving and ate a quick snack while Jonathan was preparing dinner. I had half a pink grapefruit and one of Emilia's organic fromage frais in strawberry & apple flavour!

I was so hungry when we sat down to dinner that I completely forgot to take a picture of my plate! Sorry!! So here's one of Emilia looking cute eating her dinner instead :) We had stir-fried beef (trying to get my iron up!) with black bean sauce, red peppers and these new gluten free noodles we tried. This was amazing! My midwife told me today that while I'm pregnant I should aim to eat red meat 3 times a week...this is a LOT for me as we normally never eat it but I'm not complaining! My body has been craving it this pregnancy anyway so I think it knows what it needs.

For my little naughty snack I had a Twix and Nespresso Caramelito with whole milk. Our frother wasn't put in correctly so my coffee didn't froth properly :( Boo! Usually it looks a lot more impressive than this! But it still tasted good!

And that's it! What did you eat today?


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