My Week in Pictures - Feb.16th-23rd

Here's a look at my last week through my Instagram pictures!

Sometimes you just need some Sunday croissants :) This was the day after we got back from our mini break to Dublin and we weren't quite ready to let go of the hotel breakfasts...

I literally cannot look at this picture without laughing!! Emilia loves her bathtime and Jonathan used to be a swimming teacher (he actually used to teach babies to swim) so he has always been wonderful at getting her used to the water. It's amazing to see how comfortable she is in it! Here I think she looks like a little moon peeking out from all the suds, ha ha ha! 

Last week I received the prettiest stationery from Charm & Gumption. The owner of the site is actually a dedicated viewer of our vlogs & wanted to send me some of her products as a gift. I love the Remember detailed to-do list notepad and Get Fit notepad. I also got some gold foil prints which I'm excited to frame & hang in the babies' nurseries!

Albi got neutered on Wednesday. The poor guy was very out of sorts after his check-up on Friday as he had to wear the cone of shame (he was being bold & licking his wound). Lucky for him, Emilia sensed he was feeling down and decided to comfort him by reading him a story...upside down. It's the only way, really!

Hope you enjoyed this post - I will try and do these every week from now on!


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