What I Ate Wednesday {19.2.14}

Here's what I ate today!

Breakfast was eaten at Costa, after my doctor's appointment this morning. I have always wanted to try their wholemeal porridge which is new on the menu and I'm happy to report it was really yummy and very filling! Super convenient for breakfast on the go too, or if you skipped it that morning and need something healthy to fill you up. I also had a decaf medium americano. 

Toasted ham & cheese panino made with our new toastie machine (which I am obsessed with!). I like this multiseed ciabatta bread, we use extra mature cheddar and crumbed ham. And you know I can't be without my cherry tomatoes :) I also had a big pint of water with Spatone.

Don't judge me! But ever since we went to Dublin last week I've been craving Diet Coke...sometimes it's the only thing that hits the spot! I only allow myself one can a day...I know, I know - it's terrible for you. But save me the lectures, I'm not a saint :) For dinner Jonathan made black bean beef stir fry with noodles and (ugh) peas & corn. I am sooooo sick of peas & corn!!! But Jonathan and Emilia like them, and Jonathan is chief dinner maker so I can't really complain! But personally I would have preferred stir fry veggies...

These remind me of my last pregnancy...I think I actually was craving them in my third trimester too! They are Cadbury's Choc' Full of Pretzels and I saw them while grocery shopping today and couldn't resist! They're the perfect mix of sweet & salty. Yummy!

Aside from this I had more water, another Spatone and about 3 Rennie tablets for heartburn. You can also check out my What I Ate Wednesday video below:

What did you eat today?


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