What I Ate Wednesday {26.2.14}

Organic porridge with light soy milk, almonds & cinnamon. Lately I've actually been having it with almond milk and almonds which is sooo good! But Jonathan made it for me this morning :) 

This was the most amazing lunch I've had in a long time!! And best of all, it was home-made! We are so proud of our newest creation using our toastie machine! It's basically a caprese sandwich toasted in a sandwich maker so the mozzarella goes all gooey and melted...oh my God. I could have eaten this for breakfast, lunch and dinner! To make this we used Italian bread, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, rocket, salt and a little olive oil.

Dr. Oetker Vegetale pizza - I eat 3/4 and Emilia eats the other 1/4 :) This is our favourite brand of frozen pizzas - the bases are thin, the ingredients always taste fresh & they're probably the one of the healthier pizza options in the frozen food section! I like the pizza vegetale, Jonathan likes the pollo.

A mix of Maltesers & Peanut M&Ms...yum! I mixed up two funsize packs of each :) 

I also had 8 glasses of water along with my iron supplements & about 4 Rennie tablets! What did you eat today? Feel free to link your What I Ate posts in the comments below!


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