What's in My Changing Bag!

Here is my new baby...well, not really but it's my new changing bag and I love her! She is the Storksak Caroline in leather black. I knew I would be needing something a little bigger now that we're about to have "two under two" which means two sets of nappies along with changes of clothes, snacks for Emilia and everything else that goes along with babies and toddlers. Not to mention room for all my stuff as well! This bag is certainly bigger and more spacious than my other one, the Storksak Elizabeth. It has double the nappy space and a lot more room in the main part of the bag. It comes with two zipped pockets in the front (which I currently do not use), two handles and a stroller strap. 

There is also a large compartment with a button at the back of the bag in which I always carry my phone & camera so that I can reach for them quickly. The Elizabeth has two smaller pockets like this front & back.

Here is a look inside my bag. The Storksak interior has the same design and just like with the Elizabeth you get a changing mat, little pouch (which can hook onto a leather strap inside the bag - I use this for my keys instead) and an insulated bottle holder. I use the pouch for storing wet wipes or used bibs if they're messy. We always use the changing mat when we're out - it's so handy for restaurants or any other public places where you need to change your baby & want to guarantee it's sanitary! I never got any use out of the bottle holder before as I breastfed Emilia but now I use it for her "big girl" cup! It fits perfectly and keeps her drinks cool. 

On one side of the bag there are two huge nappy compartments where I currently keep three in each one but there is plenty of room for more so I will probably make one side Emilia's and the other the new baby's when he arrives. On the other side of the bag are three smaller compartments along with a zipped pocket where I keep my makeup/beauty items such as lipsticks & makeup mirrors.

Inside the main part of the bag I keep my wallet, sunnies, WaterWipes, Emilia's Tommee Tippee plastic bib and a spare shopping bag. In the smaller compartments at the side I store tissues, hand cream and chewing gum. On my key-chain strap I have hand sanitisers, my car key, house key and Tesco clubcard.

To get a better look at everything I carry in my changing bag, check out my video below! Link to my last What's In My Changing Bag post featuring the Elizabeth is here!



  1. Would you reccomend the caroline or the elizabeth for one 6 month old, a 3 year old and a 4 year old who are both potty trained. They dont really have anything in my diaper bag now.

  2. Not sure if my comment went through, but I love our vlogs! But I was just wondering, I do not have a store so i cannot physically see the bags,but I have a 4 and 3 year old, potty trained and a 6 month old. Do you think the Elizabeth will be big enough? I do not usually carry anything for my older two except sunscreen and snacks. Which did you like better?


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