My Week in Pictures - March 24th - 30th

On Monday we went into town for lunch & I also picked up a few new beauty items! I ordered the Tigi Fat Curl Stick, two Barry M nail paints (Blue Moon from the regular line & Mist from the Silk collection), a new pair of Tweezerman tweezers and Benefit Browzings from ASOS. When I was in Brown Thomas I got another tub of my regular moisturiser, Estée Lauder Daywear and one of the new Luxe brush heads for my Clarisonic. These are absolutely amazing! They are made with cashmere and feel so soft! I don't need to change my brush head again till May but just couldn't resist this!

I loved Emilia's outfit of the day so much...all the details are already on the blog as part of my Fashion Friday post!

Painted my nails with my new Barry M Silk nail polish in Mist. I have to say this stuff is good quality - it's still going strong right now with very minimal chipping!

This has become my favourite dessert/evening snack lately! I'm talking about the new Dairy Milk Ritz & Lu bars...oh my God, they are so good! Especially the Ritz ones - the combination of sweet & salty is like a party in your mouth! And they taste even better with a vanilla Nespresso on the side ;)

This is what happens when I try to take a bump shot in our bedroom! Ha ha ha...Jonathan had just come out of the bathroom & decided to photobomb my selfie! I had just filmed my last pregnancy vlog and was taking a few bump pics to document how big it's gotten! 

I spent my Saturday baking Mother's Day cupcakes. I made Dark Chocolate Chip Mascarpone ones from my Betty Crocker Big Book of Cupcakes recipe book. I had actually baked these before in a huge single cupcake version, as a birthday cake for my mom! So I knew they would taste good...I'm not usually a big chocolate cake fan but the bitterness of the dark chocolate combined with the cream cheese/mascarpone frosting tastes amazing! I have a crappy frosting tool that absolutely stinks so please excuse my rubbish decorating skills...I ended up only being able to frost 14 out of the 24 I baked because the machine wastes so much frosting! This is the one I have...I don't recommend it at all! It's also a total pain in the bum to wash. I can't tell you how many nails I've broken trying to dismantle the bloody thing...gah!! Just as well I bought extra ingredients so I am going to make more frosting today to finish the other 10 I have left-over! I gave these 14 to my mom last night for her Mother's Day present :) 

Today is Mother's Day in the UK & Ireland, so Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there! I was greeted by this little angel this morning, holding a bunch of pink roses & chocolates like she had no idea how they got there...ha ha ha! So cute :) After I finish frosting cupcakes & editing/blogging I plan on going back to bed - I am exhausted! 

That wraps up my week in pictures. If you want to follow me on Instagram you can find me hereI hope you're all having a relaxing Sunday/Mother's Day!


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