What I Ate Wednesday {18.03.14}

I switched up my breakfast slightly this morning by adding raisins instead of banana - since dried fruit is supposed to be good for digestion I'm trying to incorporate more into my diet! I also added some cinnamon (love the flavour!) and made my porridge with almond milk. Again, the brand I use is Flahavans Quick Oats Organic! 

I also drank a cup of red raspberry leaf tea which is supposed to tone the uterus and speed up the labour process! I have no idea if this actually works as I never drank it the last time but it tastes lovely & refreshing so I thought I'd give it a whirl! Before breakfast I always drink a pint of water.

My lunch was a homemade tuna melt panino on multiseed bread (fresh from the bakery!). Inside I put tuna made with light mayo, cheddar cheese & cucumber. I also had some San Marzano mini tomatoes. These are yummy and Emilia loves them too! Between breakfast & lunch I also drank another pint of water.

For dinner I was craving broccoli! However Jonathan doesn't like it so we never eat it :( But tonight he gave in...and was actually pleasantly surprised! This was so good - we made it with chicken & Thai green curry sauce (which stayed green this time because of the broccoli!) and basmati rice. For those wondering we cook most meat with extra virgin olive oil and/or soy sauce. This time Jonathan used both! To drink I had another pint of water with Spatone.  

This snack is absolutely heavenly...I have been raving about these chocolate bars a lot recently! Dairy Milk has come out with these two new types - one is made with a sweet biscuit (LU) and the other with salty Ritz crackers. OMG. The Ritz cracker one is like a party in your mouth!! If you like the combination of sweet & salty then you will love them too! This is the second night in a row that I've had these as my dessert and I think it's safe to say that I'm addicted! Teamed with a vanilla Nespresso coffee, this made the perfect end to my day :) 

Throughout the day I also drank 2L+ water - trying to be good! You can watch my What I Ate Wednesday video below!


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