Beauty Tuesday: Favourite Nude Lipsticks!

Time and time again I get asked "what are you wearing on your lips?" or "what are your top favourite lipsticks?" and to be perfectly honest, I don't switch up my lip colour that fact I usually alternate between a very select few. Nude lipstick has always been my go-to lip colour of choice and although some may think that they all look the same, I'm here to prove them wrong! So here are six of my all-time favourite nude lipsticks which can almost always be found in my handbag.

They are: (from left to right, and in order of preference!)

Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick Desirable
Rimmel Kate Lipstick 03
Rimmel Airy Fairy Lipstick
Estée Lauder Pure Color Lipstick Crystal Baby
Revlon Lip Butter 001 Pink Truffle
MAC Creme Cup

And here they are swatched!

Top Row (L-R):

EL Desirable
Rimmel 03
Rimmel Airy Fairy

Bottom Row (L-R):

EL Crystal Baby 
Revlon Pink Truffle
MAC Creme Cup

And finally, here is what each lipstick looks like on my lips! 

Estée Lauder Desirable
My top favourite right now - this is a true nude! Not too pink, not too looks good with virtually anything!

Rimmel Kate 03
This is definitely a warm toned, brown-ish nude with an orange undertone. I like to wear it with warmer colours like browns, beige, olive, khakis and it also goes well with blues & denim. 

Rimmel Airy Fairy
The total opposite of Kate 03 - this is a cool toned pinkish nude which goes great with greys & soft cool pinks/blues. 

Estée Lauder Crystal Baby
This is a "brighter" nude, at least on my colouring! I like to wear this in the summer with more of a tan :) I also think it goes well with pinks! Apparently Claudia Schiffer wore this lipstick on her wedding day. It is a gorgeous colour!

Revlon Lip Butter 001 Pink Truffle
Probably the darkest of all the nudes I'm showing here...this looks almost like a berry shade on my colouring! I love this one in the summer too when I wear brighter colours & have more of a tan. 

MAC Creme Cup
This used to be a #1 favourite of mine, and it is still pretty but I find MAC lipsticks are a bit drying. I love the smell of them though! This is a very 60's mod nude lip, definitely very cool-toned and I like to wear it more in the winter when I wear lots of greys, blacks & monochrome. 

You can watch my Favourite Nude Lipsticks video here! 

I hope this post was helpful! Let me know your favourite nude lipstick shade, I am always on the lookout for more to add to my collection!


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